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Stonemason's Tools!

workshop item


Notices in advance (preview of june TOTM prices)
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You may win this item in the Theme of the Month contest! June Month
See details soon here:
or here:

Stonemason's tools cost 25 Buttons!
This item allows you to change the URL that links to your profile and that is a cool thing!

My profile url used to be:
Check out my profile url now:

It has my name in it now instead of those impersonal and mundane numbers!
No more boring url and people finding it hard to remember your url numbers!

Important :

The Stonemason's Tool
Can be used Once.

Changing your profile address again is not worth the effort and it would confuse everyone.
There is nothing more you can do with these tools.


Spoiler: Anime it's comming :-D

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I wish there were...
What about ICL files?
Vista & Win 7 icons