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Snap rectangles to the grid

How do I snap rectangles to the nearest pixel
on March 17th

I'm trying to make a pixel art and I want to make a 1-wide border, but the rectangle tool blurs itself, I've used RW paint so many times for non-pixel arts and the blurriness is almost always useful, but for pixel arts it becomes a nightmare. I hope there is a fix.

Same for the Transformation tool, when I try to move something it becomes blurry.

on March 17th


I figured how to do Transformation without blurriness:
1: use the "Rectangle Selection" tool (by expanding magic wand)
2: use the "Move" tool (by expanding Transformation)
3: congrats!!!

on March 17th

One thing that may help when doing pixel art is to switch to Integral coordinates in the toolbar above canvas.

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What about ICL files?
I wish there were...