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How do i delete a set?

I made a mistake
on November 30th 2007

I accidentally created a set called "set name" instead of adding the cursor to my original set

on November 30th 2007

You cannot do that yourself, potentially destructive operations are disabled (if somebody stealed your password, they cannot destroy your work).

I have deleted the set.

on December 5th 2007


on February 12th 2012

ok, never mind, you don't need to delete any more angry birds cursors of mine.

on February 12th 2012

vlasta, are u saying that only YOU can delete other people's mouse cursors if they tell u to?

on February 12th 2012

Deleted. It is not necessary to make the request multiple times...

on February 12th 2012

i really apologize. i just wanted to improve it, that's all. my improved version is out! just highlight it and right click it and select "go to (that URL)"

on March 3rd 2012

my bad that's the portal 2 cursors i made. here is the angry birds link:

on May 30th 2019
moe lester
on June 18th 2020

i do not know how you delete a set but can you tell me how to upload a set

on November 6th 2020


Insane Games
on February 16th 2021

You delete a set by getting a set dissolvent from skunkies sand

on December 12th 2022

Can anyone delete the set I made yesterday, i've made a mistake and want to improve my work.

on April 2nd 2023 Can you delete this set please ?

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