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Name:Pelayo Sarmiento

Hello, my name is Pelayo, more known here has Huh_. I met this website in 2017, but I didn't make an account until 2019. Don't ask me why, I don't know either. I'm Spanish, but I understand English almost perfectly, so I have 0 problems to communicate. I'm 16, my birthday it's the 26th of June. My favourite colour is red, that's why my username colour is red, as well as my first cursors set. My old description was this one: I'm just a curious guy. I was lazy and I put that, and it's been like that since the day I created my account until this day. I decided to change my description because it was really lame and short, and I want that the people that read this to know me better.

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Fiery Cursors (17 cursors)

Released on March 25th 2021 by Huh_

I'm on fire, literally! The second set of today. I've been exploring a little bit the editor, and I saw an option to add fire to a cursor, that's where I got the idea for this set. I love it, and I hope you do too. Enjoy!

Latest art

Green Fiery TeaserGreen Fiery Cursors
by Huh_1527I haven't done any cursor sets for a while, and today I decided to do...
Fiery TeaserFiery Cursors
by Huh_11kI'm on fire, literally! The second set of today. I've been exploring ...
Reversed TeaserReversed Cursors
by Huh_318I was a little bit sick of doing the Super Simple sets, since the blu...
Super Simple Blue TeaserSuper Simple Blue Cursors
by Huh_432After a long time of inactivity, I\'m back stronger than ever, bringi...
Super Simple Green TeaserSuper Simple Green Cursors
by Huh_698This is a recolorization from my last set. The user RIDDLER told me t...
Super Simple Red TeaserSuper Simple Red Cursors
by Huh_1818I finally finished the set! Like I said, this is my first cursor set,...
Super Simple Red (Demo) TeaserSuper Simple Red (Demo) Cursors
by Huh_278I've been alot of years in website and I never did a cursor set, unti...

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user icon Noah registered user on April 20th

Hey can you check out my cursor I made?

user icon Anonymous on April 24th

nice broo

user icon nightklp registered user on April 27th

Im Impress of your Feiry cursor cursor-teaser/fiery.png image

i saw your secret skill xd |-)

user icon ANTONIAcrack287 registered user on April 29th
user icon Anonymous on April 30th

I love your fiery cursors. I have every one of them! :-)

user icon ♠♣♥♦Liyan Graphicsツ registered user on July 19th

Oh shit it's not good ugly cursors your cursors are like pile of poops

:-o :-(

user icon ファントム registered user on July 23rd

Really liyanado
you should try uploading cursors, its not easy especially when you make a whole set.
You can talk trash when you make a set.

user icon Anonymous on July 25th

:-D ;-)

user icon ♠♣♥♦Liyan Graphicsツ registered user on August 2nd
-) </td><td>-) -) </td><td>-)
user icon StickyChannel92 contributing user on September 8th


user icon Anonymous
Vista & Win 7 icons
I wish there were...
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