Creating icon from image

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Creating icon from image

This document transformation creates icon with several image formats from a single source image.

Global settings

Icom from image configuration window.

The upper part of the window shows previews of the generate images. Large images are scaled down to fit in the window and the scaling factor is shown. Check all the images that should be generated.

The settings in the lower part of the configuration dialog apply to all generated image formats:

  • Outline shadow - allows you to control relative intensity of outline shadows added to all images or turn shadows off.
  • Auto-detect background - if enabled, the application will try to detect and remove image background. The removal will only be successful if the background is a solid color. In more complicated cases, you must remove the background manually.
  • Created file type - Windows or Mac OS icon. Note that Mac icons only support selected image formats. When generating Mac icons, unsupported formats shall not be specified.
  • Include low-color images - if enabled, the generated icon will also contain the legacy 8-bit and 4-bit images in addition to the smooth 32-bit images.

Per-image settings

When an image preview is double-clicked the following window appears.

Configuring one of the generated image formats.

The Width field defines width of the generated image and also its height, if the height is not specified manually (you can generate non-square icons if you specify different values).

The Outline shadow box controls whether shadow should be added to enhance image edges.

The Reserve space box determines, whether image size should be reduced to make space for the shadow effect.

The 3 fields below control the size, position and density of the added shadow. The final shadow intensity is also influenced by the Outline shadow slider in the main window.

The values in the Object edge enhancements allow specifying a per-format shadow effects. Smaller images should have more dense shadows, which are relatively (to the source image size) larger.

The slider in the lower part of the window allows you to sharpen or soften the generated image.

Recent comments

user icon Gabby registered user on November 26th 2012

If I take a jpg image and save it with my Paint Shop Pro program to a png image, so I can use as an icon, some of the colors don't show up when I try to save it as an icon. What am I missing? Do some of those colors show up as transparent? How would I change that? Thanks in advance.

user icon Vlasta site administrator on November 26th 2012

You may want to uncheck the "Detect background color" option.

user icon Ethan Allen registered user on February 6th 2014

i dont get it

user icon 28simonl registered user on April 24th 2019

it is in the corner

oh ya get a life

user icon Anonymous
I wish there were...
Vista & Win 7 icons