Image Grid - place multiple images on a single canvas

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Image Grid 1.1

"Place multiple pictures on a single canvas."


Image Grid screenshot


Download ImageGrid.exe (833 kB)

System requirements

  • Windows 2000, XP, Vista, or 7
  • Pentium or compatible; 256MB memory
  • Mouse, truecolor display

How to use Image Grid?

After downloading and starting the tool, drag and drop image files (.jpg and .png) on the application window or use the "Add image" button to add one or more images.

The application places the images on a single canvas and tries to equalize the number of columns and rows while also filling all rows. If you are not happy with the number of columns, repeatedly click the "Rearrange" button.

The "Erase all" button removes all images from the canvas.

When all images are added and you are happy with the layout, click the "Save" button to save the canvas as a single image (.jpg or .png).


Image Grid is free to use for any legal purpose. Author is not responsible for any damage caused by improper usage or an error in the tool.

Donations are welcome!

Recent comments

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user icon Vlasta site administrator on April 11th 2014

You are right, 64-bit Windows is needed for the 64-bit version. In that case there is little I can do except trying to re-write the tool to be more efficient, which would not be easy. Displaying an error message instead of crashing would also be possible, but you still would not be able to join the images.

user icon Anonymous on April 11th 2014

But it would be more professional and at least then you could give the option to reduce the number of pictures in the grid rather than losing everything.Or better still give a warning during the "edit" stage to say the number of picuters is being exceeded.

user icon Anonymous on September 30th 2014

Love the rearrange button where you can cycle through layouts.

Please add some "negative" margins, or ability for custom presets,

and default filenames (templates) for easy saving.

Or dont't, it's practically perfect ;-)

user icon Anonymous on December 31st 2014

I too have spent years looking for an app like this. Yours, I think, is the first of its type - and it's very simple to use and does exactly what you describe. Nice work. :-)

user icon Anonymous on January 13th

Thank you so much for such an efficient tool :-) It will be great if the tool can arrange bunch of images into grid based on their file names. Hope u will add that feature in future 8-)

user icon Anonymous on January 30th

can only agree to the comments above. :-)

I like the ability to collect images from different locations, playing well together with everything search. I (as a developer) can also imagine this as a good tool to choose icons from big collections like fugue or eclipse.

here are more feature ideas... adjustable background color / order by filename/path / drag mode to copy the file from original location to target folder, maybe including resizing / more file formats (gif, bmp, ico) / saving/loading images filelists (to review the same selection/collection later again) / limit max visible number of images, then scroll

user icon Anonymous on February 8th

I love it, perfect perfect perfect!! :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

user icon Anonymous on February 12th

Windows 2000 exists :-o

user icon Anonymous on June 13th

Thank you so much for this wonderful software! It has saved me a ton of time! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

user icon Anonymous on June 28th

Is it support transparent? ;-)

user icon Anonymous
I wish there were...
What about ICL files?
Select background