Making lifebuoy icon

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How to make an icon of a lifebuoy

This tutorial demonstrates how to create and use texture when making a 3D model for an icon.

Narration transcript

Making a lifebuoy icon in RealWorld Icon Editor.

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to make and use textures when working with the 3D editor while
making an icon.

Add a torus into an empty Unicorn3D object. In the material panel, untick the "Specify color" box
and tick the "Specify texture" box. The problem is, we do not have a texture yet.

Create a new raster image with size for example 64x64 pixels.
Use the Rectangle tool or the Flood fill tool to fill the image with red color.
Use Rectangle tool, to make the left half of the image white.
Save the image an close the window.

Click the "..." button and select the created texture.

As you can see, the texture was put on the torus.
Change the second number in the "Bounds" field to 2. This will make the texture repeat two times
in the desired direction.

Or do you want it repeat 3 times?

Save the 3D model, then click the "Convert to image" button.

Rotate the camera by dragging with right mouse button down in the lower view.
Change the light direction in the upper view.

Click "Convert to icon", untick the 256x256 format and then click OK. To get a good quality
large format, increase the rendered image size to at least 1000x1000 pixels before hitting
the "Convert to icon" button.

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Icustomized it as my ;-)angry birds;-) cursor folder! lolzy! :-D

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Icustomized it as my;-)angry birds-) cursor

folder! lolzy! :-D

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lol 8-) cool vid!

Icustomized it as my ;-)angry birds;-) cursor folder! lolzy! :-D

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