JScript RenderedImage

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JScript RenderedImage

RenderedImage is an interface wrapper accessible as a property of the Document object and can be used to access snapshots in a rendered image document. The snapshots can be used with methods that accepts raster images, but if they are used more than once, it is recommended to copy them to a temporary canvas to avoid multiple renderings.

The Context object can be a used to access the snapshots currently selected in the editor.

Methods and properties

Available in version 2010.1:

  • unit Snapshots (get) - returns number of snapshots.
  • object GetSnapshots(uint index) - returns the snapshot at given index as a document.
  • void MoveSnapshots(uint index, int under) - moves snapshot at given index under the given snapshot (or to the top if under is set to -1).
  • void DeleteSnapshots(uint index) - deletes snapshot at given index.
  • void CreateSnapshots(int under) - creates a new empty snapshot.
  • object GetIndicesFromState(object context, string state) - returns array of indices of layers in given state (~ gets layers selected by user).
  • void PutIndicesToState(object context, string state, object selectedItems) - selects given layers. (currently not implemented)
  • string GetSnapshotName(uint index) - returns name of snapshot at given index.
  • void SetSnapshotName(uint index, string name) - renames given snapshot.
  • uint sizeX (get) - width of the image.
  • uint sizeY (get) - height of the image.

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