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Tag: Glowing

Icons or cursors with an illusion of a light source.

Glowing Energy TeaserGlowing Energy Cursors
by Fungu2742Normal cursors that have been made to glow bright with energy, to bri...
Gems TeaserGems Cursors
by ✧ • Skyler • ✧1462
Glowing Crystal TeaserGlowing Crystal Cursors
by Diamond8679These are Glowing crystal cursors. I got the cursor style from here b...
Green Minimalistic TeaserGreen Minimalistic Cursors
by LeadR512Green minimalistic cursor set, works best on dark themed interfaces. ...
Aurora Borelis (December's TOTM) TeaserAurora Borelis (December's TOTM) Cursors
by ♣Aworld♣250Here is my December's TOTM entry! (Theme of the month) It feels empty...
RGB Sword TeaserRGB Sword Cursors
by ♣Aworld♣1838Here is my new cursor! It was easy to make, bc its only a sword xd, b...
Highlighted and Colored TeaserHighlighted and Colored Cursors
by Justiinಠ_ಠ5308~Thanks For Downloading~ download more cursors here
Metal TeaserMetal Cursors
by ♣Aworld♣182So here i've made a cool cursor! if you find any bugs, make sure to s...
Better Highlight Cursors 2024 (XL) TeaserBetter Highlight Cursors 2024 (XL) Cursors
by EricSia4193Handcrafted transparent highlight cursor for dark theme, high precisi...
Chroma TeaserChroma Cursors
by NameLess305< not fully finished, adding more in future > some pieces look bugge...
sealights Teasersealights Cursors
by supersonicsalt255a cursor made from sea and lights
3D Metallic Rainbow Circles Teaser3D Metallic Rainbow Circles Cursors
by Disassembler914Cursor set created on blender based on Arrow Ball Cursors cursor set ...
Neon Runes - Elder Futhark TeaserNeon Runes - Elder Futhark Icons
by Zyntha93Set of glowing neon Runes. It includes runes of the Elder Futhark scr...
Neon Runes - additonal runes TeaserNeon Runes - additonal runes Icons
by Zyntha54Set of glowing neon Runes. It includes some addional ones from Younge...
Blooming Panic TeaserBlooming Panic Cursors
by Sharky Overlord295If you've clicked on this set I can only assume you have excellent ta...
LARS.KURTH art-design 1 TeaserLARS.KURTH art-design 1 Cursors
by LARS.KURTH.ad239Complete eye-catching pointer set in bright green color. I thought of...
Yoru - Valorant TeaserYoru - Valorant Cursors
by ATT4073This pack has all 17 cursor roles based on the agent Yoru from Valora...
Spotify Art TeaserSpotify Art Icons
by Nell☪172Spotify icons that will light up your desktop ✨
Mystic Autumn TeaserMystic Autumn Cursors
by Heureux96A magical autumn feels animated cursor for a thematic feels
Nitro Black Green - Static & Two Animation TeaserNitro Black Green - Static & Two Animation Cursors
by YyouloseE322DIM v4 NitroGreen by BlueGuy, slightly modified for visibility and pe...
gaming Teasergaming Icons
by rix101gaming icon symbols
live by night Teaserlive by night Icons
by rix136Preview Image of the complete Set:
Orange Highlight TeaserOrange Highlight Cursors
by rayndoom332I had more motivation to make a set this time. all cursors except txt...
Oyster TeaserOyster Icons
by rix49colorful folder / smooth edges Oyster Set
Wave (Update-1) TeaserWave (Update-1) Cursors
by rix115standard & animated cursors (Standard.cur is transforming in arrows) ...
Dot (Squarish Version) TeaserDot (Squarish Version) Cursors
by RetroGraphics843I'm back after 3 years :-) A simple yet nice Dot cursor set
Neon Nights TeaserNeon Nights Icons
by rix226Preview Image of the complete Set:
Peakarus (Update-1) TeaserPeakarus (Update-1) Cursors
by rix338Peakarus Animated & Non-Animated Cursor Set Preview Picture https://s...
Deja Vu TeaserDeja Vu Icons
by rix0The DejaVu Set contains 86 ICOs Each Icon except the User-Files are i...
Neon Rainbow TeaserNeon Rainbow Cursors
by LJxGOD10kCool Rainbow Neon Pack
Black Neon Pulse TeaserBlack Neon Pulse Cursors
by indapni885Black with a border pulsing mostly neon. Updated to complete the set....
Enter Void TeaserEnter Void Cursors
by indapni573Odd, abstract and questionable. Neon contrast. Enter the Void!
Danger, Hot TeaserDanger, Hot Cursors
by indapni225Flames, on cursors. Mix it up? |cursor-view/207721.gif |- |Blue Flames
Dark Rotating Cube TeaserDark Rotating Cube Cursors
by indapni116Rotating cubes, with mini cursors. I'm working on a set of animated M...
Danger, Cold TeaserDanger, Cold Cursors
by indapni336Flames, on cursors. Mix it up? |cursor-view/207648.gif |- |Orange Flames
Sugar Drift TeaserSugar Drift Cursors
by indapni917Soft, colorful, and whimsical, evoking the appeal of sweet confection...
Nocturnal TeaserNocturnal Icons
by rix0The Nocturnal "Black" Icon Set contains: MAIN FOLDER: -This PC -Trash...
Amythest Purple Night Diamond Prem TeaserAmythest Purple Night Diamond Prem Cursors
by 10240rtm9692i paid so you dont have to includes bonus included in prem pack get m...
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