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Hello, im new in this and i will make a lot of cursors :-)
Please rate 5 stars to all my cursors sets!

If you play Geometry Dash, found me as "AworldCrumb"

Request cursors here!

My english is kinda bad, tell me in my inbox if you want me to talk in spanish.

Keep in mind that i will NEVER stole or copy cursors sets.

Apart from that, enjoy all my cursor sets!

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RGB Rainbow Cursors (17 cursors)

Released on November 3rd 2021 by ♣Aworld♣

The bevel do the 70% of work here :O
Im probably gonna use this cursors now, Rate 5 stars please.
1 of my best cursors sets!
Enjoy! :-D

Latest art

Modern Glowing TeaserModern Glowing Cursors
by ♣Aworld♣249This are "chill" cursors that i've made in 1 week Hope you enjoy! :D
(Reuploaded) Christmas Teaser(Reuploaded) Christmas Cursors
by ♣Aworld♣354So i reupload this cursors for you to feel the christmas eve! Enjoy! :D
RGB Sword TeaserRGB Sword Cursors
by ♣Aworld♣1543Here is my new cursor! It was easy to make, bc its only a sword xd, b...
Aurora Borelis (December's TOTM) TeaserAurora Borelis (December's TOTM) Cursors
by ♣Aworld♣175Here is my December's TOTM entry! (Theme of the month) It feels empty...
Full Rainbow Chroma TeaserFull Rainbow Chroma Cursors
by ♣Aworld♣776Hi! i made chroma cursors full rainbow, because i saw that some curso...
Remastered Magma TeaserRemastered Magma Cursors
by ♣Aworld♣3597Hey! i made another cursor :) Its my first remastered version of my c...
The Binding of Isaac TeaserThe Binding of Isaac Cursors
by ♣Aworld♣298This was REALLY hard to make, i took some memes from isaac and some i...
Emerald Chroma TeaserEmerald Chroma Cursors
by ♣Aworld♣1106I will keep making these re-colors of the chroma cursors! Original li...
Realistic Diamond TeaserRealistic Diamond Cursors
by ♣Aworld♣104*UNFINISHED* I have no idea if this cursors looks great, let me know ...
Golden Chroma TeaserGolden Chroma Cursors
by ♣Aworld♣434It took a lot, but it's here! I just take the Chroma Cursors: http://...

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user icon Diamond registered user on November 4th 2021

What happens when you use a trophy?

user icon ♣Aworld♣ registered user on November 6th 2021

idk, im new on this website, like i said

user icon ファントム registered user on November 6th 2021

it displays it on your profile.

user icon WindowsVista:) registered user on November 14th 2021


user icon ♣Aworld♣ registered user on November 15th 2021

Hello :-D

user icon ♣Aworld♣ registered user on November 21st 2021

See my blog, you will find the reason of why im offline for 1 month :-(

user icon WindowsVista:) registered user on November 27th 2021

how did you get the emoticons??

user icon ♣Aworld♣ registered user on November 29th 2021

You just type something like

:) or :(

And a face will appear
Better explained here
:-D :-(

user icon Frangel ッ registered user on December 13th 2021

Mis respetos bro

user icon coolguy_20 registered user on January 5th

:-D cool

user icon Anonymous
What about ICL files?
I wish there were...
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