ACarrionPR's Art - sets #1-6

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Icon and cursor sets by ACarrionPR

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Red (Among Us) TeaserRed (Among Us) Cursors
by ACarrionPR4131A reskin from Rocked_socks\'s cursor
Brown (Among Us) TeaserBrown (Among Us) Cursors
by ACarrionPR335A reskin from Rocked_socks's cursor
Purp (Among Us) TeaserPurp (Among Us) Cursors
by ACarrionPR1465A reskin from Rocked_socks's cursor
Orange (Among Us) TeaserOrange (Among Us) Cursors
by ACarrionPR717A reskin from Rocked_socks\'s cursor
White (Among Us) TeaserWhite (Among Us) Cursors
by ACarrionPR2794A reskin from all of the reskins ive made since white was higly reque...
Red Police (Among Us) TeaserRed Police (Among Us) Cursors
by ACarrionPR4301From the red reskin I made I added Police Clothes!! It was very highl...
Vista & Win 7 icons
What about ICL files?
I wish there were...