Dark_Samus's Art - sets #1-15

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Icon and cursor sets by Dark_Samus

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Tkinter TeaserTkinter Cursors
by Dark_Samus69set of some of the build-in cursor's in python3 tkinter.
Block TeaserBlock Cursors
by Dark_Samus219the collection of custom stylish blocks.
Programming File Icon's TeaserProgramming File Icon's Cursors
by Dark_Samus47Set of some programming icon cursors.
Retro Style Icon's TeaserRetro Style Icon's Cursors
by Dark_Samus636just a bunch of retro style icon's because I love retro.
File Icon TeaserFile Icon Cursors
by Dark_Samus30set of basic file icon's you can use in your website or GUI.
Super Mario World - Turn Block TeaserSuper Mario World - Turn Block Cursors
by Dark_Samus59just a Mario World blocks with custom taste to it.
Super Mario World Object TeaserSuper Mario World Object Cursors
by Dark_Samus439just a Mario World Objects with custom taste to it. Shutout to Nintendo.
Pokemon Emerald All Pokeballs TeaserPokemon Emerald All Pokeballs Cursors
by Dark_Samus783Set of all Pokeballs found in Pokémon Emerald. Special thanks to wor...
Legend Of Zelda A Link To The Past : Enemie TeaserLegend Of Zelda A Link To The Past : Enemie Cursors
by Dark_Samus483Set of some enemies found in game. Special thanks to Bruce Juice for ...
Pokemon Emerald Brendan TeaserPokemon Emerald Brendan Cursors
by Dark_Samus317Set of some Brendan('Main Character') sprite cursors. Special thanks ...
Retro Style TeaserRetro Style Icons
by Dark_Samus94The icon version of my previously released cursor pack http://www.rw-...
File Type TeaserFile Type Icons
by Dark_Samus24The icon version of my previously released set http://www.rw-designer...
Random File TeaserRandom File Icons
by Dark_Samus205Just some random file icons extracted using Resource Hacker. It took ...
Weird Junkyard TeaserWeird Junkyard Cursors
by Dark_Samus152Some weird cursors that i found in Junkyard.
Best Junkyard TeaserBest Junkyard Cursors
by Dark_Samus896I have already done weird junkyard cursors... Now it's time for the b...
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