-Insane GamingYTT-'s Art - sets #1-12

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Icon and cursor sets by -Insane GamingYTT-

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Cotton Candy TeaserCotton Candy Cursors
by -Insane GamingYTT-400This fits perfectly for my nick so I decided to make this set for cot...
My First 3 TeaserMy First 3 Cursors
by -Insane GamingYTT-9These are my FIRST 3 cursors.
Colorful TeaserColorful Cursors
by -Insane GamingYTT-1226These are just normal select if you didn't know. Color up your deskto...
Transparent TeaserTransparent Cursors
by -Insane GamingYTT-70Transparent cursors so you can see through your cursor. If you want a...
Peoples TeaserPeoples Icons
by -Insane GamingYTT-8Be cool [[icon:14484]] & tell me in the comments to make your icon I ...
Google TeaserGoogle Icons
by -Insane GamingYTT-14Everyone needs google icons!!!
Custom Discord Logos TeaserCustom Discord Logos Icons
by -Insane GamingYTT-14Change your Discord app logo with these custom Discord logos!
Meme TeaserMeme Icons
by -Insane GamingYTT-121Make a meme folder and make one of these the icon for it ░░░░...
Electric TeaserElectric Cursors
by -Insane GamingYTT-2785Who Doesn't Like Electric Cursors?! Well this cursor set will zap you...
Flaming Fire TeaserFlaming Fire Cursors
by -Insane GamingYTT-3061Ooh! Ooh! Hot! Feel the FIRE with these fiery cursors. I did not make...
Red Blue Gradient App TeaserRed Blue Gradient App Icons
by -Insane GamingYTT-227These won't look perfect because use an online photoshop sorta websit...
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