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I'm a human...
On Earth...

And I use the combonation of RealWorld Cursor Editor, the greatest cursor maker to exist, and the free version of CursorXP, which I use for breaking the 'rules' Windows sets for cursors.

It allows for seperate resize cursors, different cursors when you click (i.e. a laser fires into a gun crosshair when clicked). It lets you use PNG and BMP images as cursors, letting you have custom sizes (as I type this, my cursor is 500x500 pixels, and has not been resampled to 32x32).
It also supports .cur and .ani, AND lets you pick the angle of shadow generation, the shadow doesn't always go the same way. It does a lot of kewl stuff like that.

And if you want to turn CursorXP off, just hit ctrl+shift+C.

So there's our lesson for the day - RW Cursor editor + CursorXP = Cursor bliss.

Latest art

Sand TeaserSand Icons
by The Sword of the Heart2687These icons were created with the Unicorn3D module in RW Cursor Edito...
Cell Phone TeaserCell Phone Cursors
by The Sword of the Heart5929Graphics from Google Image Search. Some modified, many animated.
Red Jewel, Yellow Arrow TeaserRed Jewel, Yellow Arrow Cursors
by The Sword of the Heart1914I made it myself, no help from other scources except the standard Win...
Flames TeaserFlames Cursors
by The Sword of the Heart12kI found the flame on Google Image Search. (Search: flames filetype:gi...
Windows Transparent TeaserWindows Transparent Cursors
by The Sword of the Heart13kRegular Windows cursors, with a twist. The basic shape is outlined wi...
Tools TeaserTools Cursors
by The Sword of the Heart4094For manual labor. I found the images used on Google Image Search.
3D Stuff Teaser3D Stuff Icons
by The Sword of the Heart3819Things in 3D I made. I was kind of bored.
Teddy Bear TeaserTeddy Bear Cursors
by The Sword of the Heart17kNormal Select and Alternate Select are straight from CursorMania. All...
Gun Advanced TeaserGun Advanced Cursors
by The Sword of the Heart12kYou know Gun've've dreamed for more. A dra...
Bionicle TeaserBionicle Cursors
by The Sword of the Heart1397Year 2001 Bionicle cursors made with Rayg Kit 2.0, Mega Rayg Kit 2.0,...

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hi i love the dove cursor i hope to get a reply

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hi m8

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