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jk My names is Joan pronounce joe ann. Thats my middle name. Always getting into some kind of trouble seeing its my middle name.Love art im into off the wall stuff pretty unconventional. Any thing weird out of the extreme normality it interests me. NOt on a creepy level. Socially retarted but my appearance reflects that im not. Im like a beautiful animal or flower neon colored and enticing. Dont touch though i will bite, The pathongen of my universe will captivate and haunt you. Once you go with me you will never forget me. WHOOO hooo sounds like a acurse. JK sounds like it. My exes do haunt me. My mom always warned me not to give them the freaky sex. It will drive men crazy and obsessive, Kind you that would be nice my the guys ive been with are not worth the pain.ITS like Scott Pilgrim VS THE WORLD. thAT MOVIE REALLY HIT HOME. iTS LATE FEELING OUT OF SoRTS NEVER FEEEL ABOUT MEEEES OUT. Maybe its destiny. Night

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