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Name:David Tandl


I am a 10-year-old cursor creator who creates
very creative cursors. I also have Asperger's syndrome.

Now here's a gallery of most of my cursors: icon-23586

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Color Cursors (15 cursors)

Released on December 7th 2020 by ARGs

This cursor set is just a recreation of my previous cursor set.

The following changes include:
The colors were changed to the default one.
The working in background cursor point has been fixed.

Hope ya'll like em!

Thanks so much for the 2k downloads!! But can we achive 30k downloads??!!

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user icon Anonymous on January 24th

Its not letting me download, I believe its cause im on windows 10... Help :-(

user icon ファントム registered user on January 25th

Nice page!
And nice Cursors!

user icon ARGs registered user on January 25th

Thank you! 8-)

user icon Anonymous on February 2nd

u seem sus

user icon Anonymous on February 8th

the person who cant download on windows 10!!! READ THIS: I am on windows 10 and I can download it just fine maybe you should restart or refresh whichever is best for you. That's all I suggest anyways very good cursors ARGs.

user icon Đinh Công Thế registered user on February 17th

Cool and perfect cursor :-o

user icon Anonymous on February 26th

Man, this site is still alive and people are active, I just checked my cursors from 2010 which I uploaded when I was in primary school. :-D

user icon Dhruvesh registered user on March 12th

You're the one who liked my countryballs cursor set!! ( link to the people who did not see it ) I LIKE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111 8-)

user icon Đinh Công Thế registered user on April 7th

wow :-D

user icon ツ Mimi Destino ♡ contributing user on May 7th

Please check out the May TOTM (Theme of the Month) Contest!


user icon Anonymous
Vista & Win 7 icons
What about ICL files?
I wish there were...
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