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Name:David Tandl


I am a 11-year-old cursor creator who creates
very creative cursors. They can be inspired by other cursors, in which I will mention it. They could have interesting concepts. Or just be an instant modern-day classic. I also have Asperger's syndrome.

Now here's a gallery of most of my cursors: icon-23586

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Red Inline Cursors (17 cursors)

Released on June 20th 2022 by ARGs

These cursors were a great idea. And, I think that they're great. Oh, and sorry for the long time I hadn't uploaded. And this is my first cursor set that uses fully static cursors.

Hope ya'll like 'em! :-)

Latest art

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link template Teaserlink template Cursors
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Cute pointy TeaserCute pointy Cursors
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ARGs tailess TeaserARGs tailess Cursors
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Yellow TeaserYellow Cursors
by ARGs208These cheesy yellow cursors were inspired by my older purple and gree...
Blue 16-bit TeaserBlue 16-bit Cursors
by ARGs150These cursors where inspired by the 8-bit cursors made my RIDDLER. Sh...

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user icon ツ☪ MiMi Destino ♡♥ contributing user on May 7th 2022

Please check out the May TOTM (Theme of the Month) Contest!


user icon ツ☪ MiMi Destino ♡♥ contributing user on June 2nd 2022

Please check out the June TOTM (Theme of the Month) Contest!


user icon Moved registered user on June 4th 2022

hello bro i got the orange spray, and i win the first level of cosmic journey
im phunner if you don't know who im am

user icon cubydude registered user on June 21st 2022

bruh icon-image/24200-16x16x32.png image

user icon RIDDLER registered user on June 26th 2022

I really like your cursor sets. The design for each set is simply perfect. Please make sure to double check all of your hotspots to make sure that they are placed correctly. The colors and styles of your sets are so radiant. They fit in with each other so well. I like you skills. Superb skills from you. Well done.

user icon Anonymous on July 29th 2022



user icon RigbØw registered user on August 30th 2022

Hey dude! I really enjoy your cursors sets. Can u do more retro cursors, i really enjoy that one!

user icon Anonymous on October 17th 2022

HEY MAN! I just came from reading my newspaper to check out the web! (a crazy term my great, great granddaughter taught me.) I was born in 1943 and saw the end of WWII, it was a crazy time. ANYWAYS!!! I was just here to say your blue cursors are very grand.



user icon Anonymous on October 17th 2022

I hope you are doing well, Jack :-)

- Jill

user icon ツ☪ MiMi Destino ♡♥ contributing user on January 7th

Please check out the January 2023 TOTM (Theme of the Month) Contest! :-D

user icon Anonymous
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