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Name:kenny t
Facebook:Kenny m tolar

im 15 and i love vido games

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user icon FeniulaPyra registered user on March 12th 2013

Minecraft: You either hate it, or you love it. Personnaly, im practicaly addicted to it :/

user icon Anonymous on March 31st 2013


user icon Anonymous on November 12th 2013

hi tails :-)

user icon OMCE registered user on January 4th 2014

minecraft is too addicting lol... killed my grades in junior high

user icon amaleerocks13 registered user on August 16th 2015

I love minecraft and im addicted to it and when im not on it im on Skype or at school or on this website but what dragonluv said is so true

user icon AlphaOmega registered user on October 29th 2015

Honestly. 'minecraft is the best of the best'? 'Best game ever'? I agree with @DragonLuv. There is no definitive answer. You either love it or you hate it. Personally, it was fun when I first got it, but it got old quickly. One more thing: 'All you faggots have bad grammar. And MC is awesome. Best game ever. Thats why so many people buy it. Noobs.' Really? No need to be so rude. Also, you can't say 'All you faggots have bad grammar' if you forget the apostrophe in 'that's' and use the the word 'Noobs.' Rant over. :3

user icon Anonymous on May 16th 2018

he lied because IM DA BIGGIST TAILS FAN !

user icon eeveelover64 registered user on January 28th 2019

r u sure?

user icon Anonymous on October 9th 2019

now hang on a second

user icon Anonymous on March 20th 2023


:-) im your biggest fan and number one fan

user icon Anonymous
I wish there were...
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