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jojois74 (2013-03-25 19:02:29):

I use the remove empty border operation a lot....
I don't, however, think the crop tool is so useful.

Unknown author (2013-03-26 04:13:34):

RW paint 2013.1 for me cannot open any .png or any other file other than .jpg nor can i create a new image file at all, is this a problem I'm causing or a fault in this new-ish program?

I uninstalled and downloaded the portable version instead works like a charm, dunno what happened with the main program tho

Vlasta (2013-03-26 08:31:57):

I will re-test it, but it should be working just like the portable... Did you have previous version installed?

Unknown author (2013-03-27 05:51:15):

Is it possible to make a plug-in that makes special editable items, like if someone wanted to create a new kind of shape?
I'm no developer, but if I were, I'd try to make a special curve with varying width, wider near the bends and narrower near the ends. I know the release date's pretty soon though. And it's awesome as it is! It's really cool! I'm just wondering if plugins like that are possible.

Vlasta (2013-03-27 08:46:18):

Yes, drawing tool plug-ins are possible, but harder to do.

Unknown author (2013-03-29 22:06:34):

the srink mask selection doesnt work!! :-o

Unknown author (2013-03-30 00:36:03):

in rw paint 2013. i cant shrink a mask selection
wy ?

Vlasta (2013-03-30 08:13:33):

There seems to be an error in that. Until it is fixed, you would need to use a workaround: Invert selection -> Grow selection (possibly multiple times) -> Invert selection

Unknown author (2013-03-30 19:14:17):


Unknown author (2013-03-31 04:27:55):

With rwpaint 2013 for me. The "simple selection" doesn't work... it follows the mouse pointer even if I release the button.
And filters 8bf don't work with a mask, and after the first time I tried this, some filters don't work even without mask. If i never tried with a mask, they work.
I tried on 2 pc, one with xp, the other with seven, both have these problems.
The 2012 version works well. :-D

Vlasta (2013-03-31 12:59:58):

All 3 errors should be fixed later today - you'll need to download the installer/zip again and uninstall the older version manually. I'll probably publish the fixes as updates in a few days so it should start working in a week or two even if you do not re-install.

Unknown author (2013-03-31 23:42:45):

great and fast job. 8-) now 2013 works perfectly. Thank you

Unknown author (2013-04-01 04:26:20):

Sorry, but with 2013 version, the effect "drop shadow" doesn't work with a mask. I have a dialog box error 0x8000ffff (installed or portable version)
works with the 2011.1 version

Vlasta (2013-04-02 00:09:49):

Right you are. It will be fixed tomorrow.

Vlasta (2013-04-02 19:58:16):

Fixed version (also with some additional Photoshop plugin compatibility tweaks) is now uploaded.

Unknown author (2013-04-02 20:26:53):

nice. Thank you

Bianca rerre (2013-04-23 11:27:35):

could have a blur brush with option blur intensity

Vlasta (2013-04-23 17:38:20):

It is already there (Retouch tool - Soften mode), but it is not really usable right now, because the blurring effect is very low. It definitely needs an improvement.

Bianca rerre (2013-04-24 04:48:55):

:-o I did not understand, as it does to blur an image? blur the background of a photo

Vlasta (2013-04-28 17:18:26):

Yes, the Retouch tool set to Smoothen mode does blurring, but very small one - equivalent to a 1px blur and it is not really suitable for anything, but blurring of small icons.

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