Retouch drawing tool

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Retouch drawing tool

Retouch tool icon. RETOUCH is a drawing tool capable of modifying affected pixels. Since RETOUCH is a meta-tool, it requires another tool to specify the pixels to modify.

RETOUCH is by default used with the BRUSH tool.

The following retouch modes are available:

  • Brighten - increase brightness of the affected pixels.
  • Darken - decrease brightness of the affected pixels.
  • Sharpen - sharpen the affected pixels.
  • Soften - blur the affected pixels. Only a very simple blurring with 1 pixel radius method is used. Use soften repeatedly to blur more.
  • Add color - add current color to the old pixel.
  • Multiply color - the color burn mode or color filter.
  • Desaturate - decrease saturation of affected pixels.
  • Colorize - replace color of affected pixels using the current color.

The result is also defendant on the Strength parameter. The value can reach outside of the 0-100% range. Using negative value can subtract color instead of adding it, it is possible to increase color saturation instead of desaturating, etc.

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