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AJaxx (2016-10-14 12:57:13):

I would just like to say, I'm glad to be a part of the rule system as it develops and hones itself into a perfected system. I have violated some of the rules and have been corrected by modifications of said rules and find them to work, which is the most important aspect. They work. When adhering to the rules or guidelines, a better description, there seems to be no rules meaning when I abide by them they abate and offer a fair, regulated environment. Simply put, it makes it easier and more enjoyable. In fact, it actually fosters a means of creating a better or more deliberate cursor and/or icon set. I choose to believe that I am partially instrumental in this purpose.

That being said, obvisiously it will always need tailoring as it is a living, breathing host such as us. I'm glad we have someone at the helm who sees and implements the necessary changes as they are affirmed and required, and keeps and open mind to any & all ideas...

Now, lets compete and create great cursor and icon sets!


The Male King (2016-10-14 21:11:21):

the contest needs improving to many rules
why do we need so many icon sizes
just keep to basic sizes
like 16,24,32,48,256

AJaxx (2016-10-15 00:04:23):

I agree with the basic sizes (16/24,32/48,64/72,96/128,256/512). Why don't u make a constructive suggestion regarding the sizes. She'll change it. And that's why guidelines are necessary, to keep everybody on the same page. It's that simple. It's also a form of perpetual, communicative-interaction. Screens are bigger and in HD. Scaling and larger sizes are becoming more the norm.

cdl (2016-10-15 00:29:46):

@ Ajaxx

Thank you for the feedback and confidence. I have not had to create any additional rules as a result of your participation but you have shown me the need for improvement in the listing of acceptable cursor roles and we now have alternatives posted as a result. I do try to keep an open mind to all.

@ The male boss

You are referring to the addition of the display sizes 64x64 and 128x128. Different icon sizes are needed because different operating systems utilize different icon display sizes. Not everyone has the same need because not everyone is running the same version of Windows. A good icon should be able to display correctly in all sizes as needed. Adding a couple of extra available display sizes does not affect the overall size of the icon by much.

Adding additional sizes to an icon is a trivial thing that is easily accomplished. Cursor sets require 15 items to be created whereas icon sets require the creation of only 5. That is much less work to begin with in my estimation and you are quibbling over two display sizes.

Thanks for reminding me to check the icon sizes submitted to the contest. Surely this is not the only objection you have to the rules in their present state when you complain that there are so many rules .

@ Ajaxx

Yes, 24 could be omitted (perhaps in 2017's revision to the rules) and 512 is not required. I'm not sure about 72 and 96, and they are not required either.

The Male King (2016-10-17 19:52:20):

Well why don't you pick to options of sizes to chose from
Option 1 16,24,32,48,256
Option 2 64,72,98,128,512

Or you could do both options

This would be easier

cdl (2016-10-18 07:55:11):

@ The Male Boss

Easier for who?
Easier for you?

What about the person who downloads a set without all the sizes needed for the icons to display properly and the icons do not display properly on their pc?
What a disappointment.

What about the person judging the icon sets?
This would create more work for me.

The RW website promotes quality. The TOTM contest promotes quality.
What you are proposing in regards to icon sizes does not promote quality.

I don't believe that 72 and 98 are used much, and 512 is too big for the RW website.

A person should have to do a little work to earn a prize.
I have to collect every button I give away. No one just gives me buttons for the contest.

It seems as if the current icon sizes required is your only complaint in regards to the contest rules.

AJaxx (2016-10-18 12:12:52):

I've found that it's easier for systems to scale down more accurately. If an icon is too small it will not scale correctly and distort. But if an icon is too big the OS can scale it down accurately. I use a 1366 x 768 HD screen. I can use a 512 icon for 256 and 128 in most cases. The larger the icon the more detail that can go into it resulting in a quality image. The old systems used bitmap images and crap like that and needed all those sizes. Currently, the systems can make the jump from 16,32,48,128,256/512. Although 512 is not useful on this site, you can see the numerical pattern double and rely less on multiple sizes. Obviously, it all depends on the OS and screen/graphics card, etc. that are being used. I have an old windows XP with 1024 x 768 LCD panel and it is just terrible to look at. That is, compared to a newer one. It doesn't scale very well and requires most of those sizes listed. It's a tough call...

cdl (2016-10-18 13:28:31):

@ Ajaxx

Thank you for the insight. It is true that most newer operating systems can use the larger sizes scaled down in most cases where the smaller version is not available. There are still quite a few older operating systems in use where this may not be the case.

Adding a couple sizes to an icon file is easily accomplished, doing so does not add much weight to the file, and the smaller sizes are still useful.

AJaxx (2016-10-18 16:39:14):

I agree with you. It doesn't hurt to a variety of sizes for icons. It sets up real easy in RWIE and will do it every time. And yes, the smaller sizes are necessary/mandatory. They're system icon sizes. That being said, eventually HD screens and super-graphics will force the older machines and systems out. Below, I posted a partial list of systems market share: We haven't even mentioned Linux systems...

Windows 7- 40.67%
Windows 10- 23.53%
OS X (all versions)- 9.61%
Windows 8.1- 8.40%
Windows XP- 6.36%
Windows Vista- 1.32%

cdl (2016-10-18 17:59:05):

All true.

icon-image/8339-32x32x32.png image

The Muffin Man (2016-10-28 16:51:32):

What is the minimum size you need for icons to enter the contest?

cdl (2016-10-28 21:31:07):

The information you are asking for is located in the TOTM rules.


Read the contest rules.

cdl (2016-10-31 21:07:24):

icon-image/7488-32x32x32.png image

New addition to the TOTM Contest Rules.

icon-image/136-16x16x32.png image Effective immediately, if you act in a manner deemed inappropriate for a RW member you may be subject to public removal of your right to participate in the TOTM contest. You must follow all rules and guidelines within the RW website, treat others with respect, and do nothing to harm the RW website in any manner.

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