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SoaringEagle789 (2012-02-11 23:02:55):

who did the 2nd download? it's ok, i am not angry. ;-) i just want to get 2 know all u realworld editors.

JDDellGuy (2012-02-13 06:28:57 / 2.5 stars):

It is possible that the downloaders are not even members of the site. You do not have to have an account to download. They may have stumbled across the site, anonymously downloaded the cursors, and may never be seen again...

I'm JDDellGuy, Haven't submitted work in a while, but I specialize in high quality work, and complete sets. My latest work was cursors/icons that were modeled in Blender 3D, rendered as still images, and converted to cursors/icons. Feel free to check out my work for inspiration.

I encourage a few things for all artists.
1. Create high quality sets. This can be accomplished in many ways, using tools such as the line tool to draw straight lines when needed is one way, using bevels, drop shadows, and other effects (Sparingly) to add flair to sets is another. icon-image/4582-16x16x32.png image
2. Be original. The occasional iamge converted to a cursor or icon is okay, but making it yourself is the best way to display your abilities. Making them yourself also gives you practice with the tools and as a result, you will see your work improve greatly as you make more sets. icon-image/4575-16x16x32.png image
3. Don't steal other people's work or simply alter the colors of an already existing set. There's been a few people who've done that here... icon-image/4588-16x16x32.png image
4. Create complete sets and select the apropriate cursor type when you create a set. (For example: Assign the normal pointer the "Normal Select" property and the help cursor the "Help Select" property etc.). If you do this, the site will automatically create a custom file that associates the cursor types with your cursor by simply double clicking the file. (If you have Vlasta's tool installed.)

Glad to have you, looking forward to your submissions. icon-image/4608-16x16x32.png image

SoaringEagle789 (2012-02-14 01:03:50):

i hope u like these. and yes, i did download some icons and cursors to use in desktop themes i made before i registered for realworld, and besides, i kinda used Sirea's pig icon (and cursor) in my angry birds cursor set, and i'm sorry, Sirea. :-( i promise i won't plagarize ever again. ;-)

Did i spell that right?

SoaringEagle789 (2012-02-15 00:43:25):

check out my asdfmovie cursors: http://www.rw-designer.com/cursor-set/asdfmovie ;-)

Lost Girl (2012-02-16 04:14:16 / 5 stars):

I like this set very much. The thing that I like the most about this set is who you drew these pictures so well. There's detail and persistance and I can see the time you've taken to draw and plan this out.
There's only a few things wrong with this set and it's the noise. There's a bit of noise around the edges. I suggest you edit them to make them more professional-looking.

SoaringEagle789 (2012-02-16 21:52:46):

actually i got some from google and cut and pasted them. besides what do you mean by "noise"? :-)

Unknown author (2012-02-23 21:44:31):

it's like every time i ask why "Not Really" (aka Frizzel Soldier, Need to Get Out, and Not My Secret to Tell) changes his name, he changes it again

oh by the way that was SoaringEagle talking

Lost Girl (2012-02-27 00:14:55):

She, stupid.I'm changing my name because I just do. Not my faultyou have bad karma, Anonymous.

Unknown author (2012-02-27 19:45:05):

boa... gaat wel... en goede dag of nagt :-) :-) :-)

SoaringEagle789 (2012-03-12 21:18:54):

what did you say, anonymous?

SoaringEagle789 (2012-03-28 00:54:51):

hey, JDDellGuy, if I copy pictures from google, does that count as plagiarizing? I just think that DRAWING a 3d image would take FOREVER to make.

sixλxis (2012-04-11 11:59:46 / 1 stars):

Hardly any effort, need I say more?

SoaringEagle789 (2012-04-15 18:28:11):

hey, don't bully my sets. it takes time to be perfect, and it took time for me to make sets look good. why are you so mean to me, sixaxis?

Unknown author (2013-09-04 18:46:43):

Really not that good. Not much effort.

Unknown author (2015-08-27 06:46:15):

8-) wow

Unknown author (2016-05-11 15:22:11):

cooles Mauszeiger ♥☺ 8-) 8-)

Unknown author (2016-05-25 11:48:30):

I love portal guns I just want to scream :-o :-o :-o :-o 8-)

eeveelover64 (2019-02-02 18:29:29):

now ur thinking with portals! 8-)

snickerdoodle (2019-11-19 19:27:58 / 1.5 stars):

the orange working in background portal moves out of the screen and its very hard to use that cursor as the hot spot is still in the middle of nowhere. also many of the cursors have their hot spots exactly in the middle of the circle-shaped cursor which is very hard to use. i recommend attaching a small vista arrow to the upper left of the circle-shaped cursor instead of putting the hot spot in the middle.

not used anymore (2020-08-25 19:37:54 / 4.5 stars):



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