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Unknown author (2008-08-16 00:00:00):

No, just no. Good luck getting 500 downloads...

kakka (2008-08-24 00:00:00 / 0.5 stars):

such.... sorry

Unknown author (2008-09-07 00:00:00):

lol you copied half of them from dabomb

Unknown author (2008-09-07 00:00:00):

i think dabomb has like 4k downloads :-o

Unknown author (2009-02-22 18:06:16):

wow dude even my corrupted summoning was better...and that with my rainbow scim was my 1st 1 -.-

Unknown author (2009-09-23 11:38:43):

netharlands ;o ;o Ware ar to MY K in this runescape zeeting

Unknown author (2009-12-06 21:31:04):

I love the pimp santa hat.

Unknown author (2009-12-11 06:40:38):

I have many cursors thank you

Teddy (2009-12-13 03:38:00 / 1.5 stars):

guys why does everyone just screen the ge and repaint the stuff??
look at my rs cursors and learn, im working hard to get them perfect

Unknown author (2009-12-13 19:16:07):

plz get a rune 2h sword cursors i really w0nt 1

Unknown author (2009-12-15 12:18:45):

ithink ih ave too much cursos and that's fantasic

Unknown author (2009-12-16 19:20:28):

who have a tall comment can he shut up and shake his ass

Unknown author (2009-12-18 22:42:29):


Unknown author (2009-12-21 18:33:02):

it says to creat an associated folder help please!!

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