Cursor Set - PimpScape V1

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PimpScape V1 Cursors

PimpScape V1
  • Published on August 16th 2008 by ~Liner.
  • Released under the Attribution Required (CC by) license.
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Got bored and maked those.
pm me for any special requests.

@ 250 downloads or over i will make a new
PimpScape Pack.

Tags: RuneScape


by ~Liner

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user icon Anonymous on February 22nd 2009

wow dude even my corrupted summoning was better...and that with my rainbow scim was my 1st 1 -.-

user icon Anonymous on September 23rd 2009

netharlands ;o ;o Ware ar to MY K in this runescape zeeting

user icon Anonymous on December 6th 2009

I love the pimp santa hat.

user icon Anonymous on December 11th 2009

I have many cursors thank you

user icon Teddy registered user on December 13th 2009

1.5 out of 5 stars.

guys why does everyone just screen the ge and repaint the stuff??
look at my rs cursors and learn, im working hard to get them perfect

user icon Anonymous on December 13th 2009

plz get a rune 2h sword cursors i really w0nt 1

user icon Anonymous on December 15th 2009

ithink ih ave too much cursos and that's fantasic

user icon Anonymous on December 16th 2009

who have a tall comment can he shut up and shake his ass

user icon Anonymous on December 18th 2009


user icon Anonymous on December 21st 2009

it says to creat an associated folder help please!!

user icon Anonymous