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that guy (2016-02-24 23:15:03):

Is that to say this is original work?

AJaxx (2016-02-24 23:53:07):

Glad you like them. If you want to debate the originality of the triangular cursor, open a forum topic on the subject. That being said, this set is original.
Don't hate, appreciate!


Unknown author (2016-02-29 21:24:43):

I like these the most

AJaxx (2016-02-29 23:47:28):

Thank you! I, personally, like a smaller cursor also.

Unknown author (2016-03-03 13:06:01):

how to activate?

AJaxx (2016-03-03 19:26:50):

Do you mean download? There's a 'How to download' tutorial link at the top of page, under the download button. Also, there's a 'How to download' tutorial link under Resources, above the comment section.

Hope this helps. :-)

Unknown author (2016-03-05 14:38:54):

Try to make each cursor a bit more different sometimes it is a bit confusing thanks btw great cursors :-D

Geonix (2016-03-09 22:05:38 / 5 stars):

So awesome! 8-)

AJaxx (2016-03-09 22:33:04):

@Geonix: Thanks! Glad you like them!

Unknown author (2016-03-12 11:41:12):

Using it right now. it is so cool!

The Derpy Girl (2016-04-05 18:24:46 / 5 stars):

I like it, because of the animations! I would say you did a great job converting the cursors!

AJaxx (2016-04-06 01:03:20):

Thanks Spaceman. I didn't convert them. I made them. I've been trying to save the sets I've made so I can enter them into the TOTM. I'm trying to collect enough buttons so I can purchase the other software editors. That's why I've been mostly posting converted sets. In the description (above) I usually note if the set is converted or not and credit the author. Also, I usually identify them in the name. I have a few sets on here (10 I think) that I've made. Check 'em out if you like...


deleting soon (2016-11-04 23:10:52):

Good man!
Using those!
Anyways, I will see other cursors to rate them with 5 stars

Unknown author (2017-10-20 15:06:45):

:-) :-) :-D :-great work

Unknown author (2020-07-12 03:29:37):

tt lag xD

Unknown author (2021-01-13 21:59:48):

Super Cool :-D :-)

Deez (2022-04-02 03:53:15 / 5 stars):

very nice

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