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AJaxx (2016-04-06 18:22:01 / 4.5 stars):

I like the idea and where you're going with it. I would slow the busy animation for my liking. The working cursor, I would pirouette the animation for my liking. And the move cursor, I would show four arrow style heads (matching the resize), it seems the detail gets a little lost inside the small box/square, imo. That being said, I like your work. Your hot spots are on and it looks like you have a winner. Nice job.

Good luck in the TOTM.

nibbler (2016-04-06 18:32:53):

Thanks! :-D

On the working, the cross on the tip of the leaf in each frame is the hotspot.

#17 (2016-04-07 18:38:51 / 4.5 stars):

The busy one looks dangerous, I won't dare to disturb a busy leaf. O_o
Cute leaves, very nice set, I wish the animations were a bit slower.
Nine halfstars! 8-)

nibbler (2016-04-07 21:59:39):

Thanks! :-D

cdl (2016-04-16 07:30:21):

This work is not original and thus disqualified from entering the TOTM contest.

To see this cursor visit: http://www.totallyfreecursors.com/details.cfm/id/536/Leaf.htm
Added on Monday, Aug 15, 2005 to Totally Free Cursors.

Spaceman. You cannot use other people's work for the TOTM contest.
Read the rules: http://www.rw-designer.com/entry/1415

It is your responsibility to ensure that you have permission to use the work when it is not yours.
I assume you have read the Totally Free Cursors Terms Of Service and have secured written permission from the author of this work as specified.


icon-image/8307-24x24x32.png image

nibbler (2016-04-18 15:41:05):

icon-image/8309-32x32x32.png image
I did not know that. It is also here:

Unknown author (2016-05-26 18:24:06):

You know quite well that you steal other people's work:

This seems to be the place where you get most of it.

(For a 12 y.o. you're never in school during the day???)

nibbler (2016-05-26 20:39:36):

I am in school. Besides, it is the last day of school today. cdl showed me the cursor I accidentally stole and modified.

nibbler (2016-06-06 16:44:14):


cdl (2016-10-27 21:27:08):

Other links posted here to similar works are not the same in design.

It does not matter where you found the cursor, it is your responsibility to ensure that you have the right to use the material.

Your intent was made clear as in your set description you made no mention of the work not being created by yourself and posted no link to the cursor you used from the RW user Nick. By omitting this information you sought to deceive the public.

Additionally when it was pointed out that the cursor originated elsewhere you made no effort to rectify the problem. In fact you did not even remove the present description when you were told that you could not use work created by someone other than yourself in the TOTM Contest. Whether or not you modified the cursor has no bearing on your right to use it and I see no substantial modifications to this cursor.

Flipping, coloring, adding animation or additional graphic elements as you have done is not modifying - it is still the same image. You have had more than 6 months to read the Terms of Service on the Totally Free Cursors website and act in accordance with those terms. You have not done so.

You are clearly unconcerned about the matter of using copyrighted material on the RW website.


At the page top of the RW cursor upload page the following appears:

Please read: Only authors or copyright holders may add a cursor to the library. By adding a cursor, you are giving the owners of the library the right to display the cursor online and make it available for download under the specified license. Owners of the library may alter the name or the description of the added cursor if it is inadequate or delete the cursor entirely.


You should remove this cursor set because you are not the creator/author or copyright holder.
That is Barbara Smith founder of Totally Free Cursors.

nibbler (2016-10-28 15:13:04):

When I have 13 buttons and have deleted this set, I'll let you know.

cdl (2017-09-20 00:53:20):

Ok. So when do you plan to get 13 buttons to delete this set?
In another year's time?
This set has been on the RW website more than a year and a half and it should never have been uploaded here in the first place. You haven't even bothered to offer credit to the original author in the description.

icon-image/14750-32x32x32.png imageicon-image/14751-32x32x32.png image

TyranicalRex (2018-10-26 20:12:18):


eeveelover64 (2019-04-05 23:02:03):

that is the biggest of the OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOF's ever! lol XD :-D

Unknown author (2020-07-18 03:10:20):


Phantom (2021-07-23 17:00:54):

oh my- yeah im removing some stuff from mine lmao

✧ • Skyler • ✧ (2021-11-12 14:36:58 / 2.5 stars):

Si el cursor fuera de el, le daria 4.5 estrellas porque la animacion es exagerada, pero como es robado, modificado y no le ha dado credito al verdadero creador de este pack, le doy 2.5 estrellas.

nibbler (2021-11-12 15:03:05):

@ツ Skyler01_YT quien escribió:

Si el cursor fuera de el, le daria 4.5 estrellas porque la animacion es exagerada, pero como es robado, modificado y no le ha dado credito al verdadero creador de este pack, le doy 2.5 estrellas.

Si lo entendi. No se ve tan bien. Podría eliminar este conjunto pronto. Pero no en este momento. Gracias por hacerme saber de todas formas.

rsrc/derp.png image

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