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Unknown author (2016-09-05 06:49:04):

dis is bud


i am unonymouse

i 4 yeers to


mi mummi sed tis wus bad

ツ☪ MiMi Destino ♡♥ (2016-09-05 06:53:14):

icon-image/9565-16x16x32.png image

Unknown author (2016-09-05 15:26:18):

Amazing *_*

ツ☪ MiMi Destino ♡♥ (2016-09-05 16:23:13):

Thanks icon-image/9565-16x16x32.png image

nibbler (2016-09-09 19:30:21 / 5 stars):

This is nicely designed! Great Job on the design.
icon-image/8400-32x32x32.png image

ツ☪ MiMi Destino ♡♥ (2016-09-09 21:45:11):

THANKS YOU SO MUCH icon-image/9565-16x16x32.png image

moodie (2016-09-10 18:25:08):

Thank you!Also Could you check out my account and give me feedback on my cursors?That'll be really helpfull.. :-) 8-)

Unknown author (2016-12-18 20:21:08):

good cursors ;-) :-) :-D :-( :-o

ツ☪ MiMi Destino ♡♥ (2017-01-03 19:50:02):

Thank you! icon-image/9565-16x16x32.png image

Unknown author (2017-03-24 22:12:32):

podes hacer uno de nyan cat pliss :-D :-D

Unknown author (2017-04-22 14:47:30):


ツ☪ MiMi Destino ♡♥ (2017-04-23 03:47:55):

Thank you! icon-image/9565-16x16x32.png image

Unknown author (2018-01-20 18:38:52):

:-) so good.

ツ☪ MiMi Destino ♡♥ (2018-02-16 18:35:17):

Thank you! icon-image/9565-16x16x32.png image

Unknown author (2018-07-13 20:26:56):

omg keep doing this

Unknown author (2018-08-24 09:49:34):

nn ananansnk ssoooooooooo good you are great i lobe vmqkada

Unknown author (2018-12-21 03:51:02):

[So cute!} (^ 3 ^)

80Mb (2018-12-26 21:07:22 / 5 stars):

Love the whole set. (Using windows 10 I found there are two other selects as well (Location and person). If you could add those the set would be complete. Otherwise I used the other link selects. WONDERFUL SET!! :-D )

ツ☪ MiMi Destino ♡♥ (2019-01-26 06:13:22):

Tysm icon-image/9565-16x16x32.png image

Tysm icon-image/9565-16x16x32.png image

Unknown author (2019-07-24 14:41:14):


ツ☪ MiMi Destino ♡♥ (2019-08-01 02:19:29):

Tysm icon-image/9565-16x16x32.png image

blue waffle (2019-11-04 22:24:21):

you can make this but in blue? pls!

RIDDLER (2019-11-14 17:08:03 / 5 stars):

Yes, make it blue for her. She wants a blue set like this.

jessicatgirl12 (2019-12-10 04:09:54 / 5 stars):

These cursors are very pretty. The style is amazing, and the pink color compliments the set very well. I like the sets that are themed with colors. Also another thing I like about your set is that the hearts are very pretty and are dancing in cool patterns. You really have a talent for animating! The disappearing cursors are also unique. The hotspots are in the correct place and the overall quality is high. My favorite cursor in the set are the resize cursors, since I like how there are two hearts that go apart and then back together. Overall, very nice set and thank you for having such an amazing profile and sets. I wish you the best in making your sets :-)

En español:

Estos cursores son muy bonitos. El estilo es increíble, y el color rosa complementa el conjunto muy bien. Me gustan los sets temáticos con colores. También otra cosa que me gusta de su conjunto es que los corazones son muy bonitos y están bailando en patrones frescos. ¡Realmente tienes talento para animar! Los cursores que desaparecen también son únicos. Los puntos de acceso están en el lugar correcto y la calidad general es alta. Mi cursor favorito en el conjunto son los cursores de cambio de tamaño, ya que me gusta cómo hay dos corazones que se separan y luego se vuelven a unir. En general, muy buen conjunto y gracias por tener un perfil y conjuntos tan increíble. Le deseo lo mejor en hacer sus decorados :-)

Unknown author (2020-04-03 17:01:33):

not working

Unknown author (2020-04-13 22:41:03):

Love the set

dani . (2020-05-09 19:09:12):

i love this set so much but i can't seem to get the text select to work. :-( im using mousecape since im a mac user. not sure if anyone can help but i hope someone responds to this soon. overall a 8/10 honestly.

Unknown author (2020-05-24 12:34:41):

they are so amazing! I'm obsessed :-D

Unknown author (2020-06-06 15:45:00):

i really like it!!! thank you so much <3 <3 <3

gc_moon (2020-06-07 07:22:50 / 5 stars):


Unknown author (2020-09-30 07:25:32):

I really really like this! Other girly cursors are big images I like how these are animated, pretty,cute and doesn't look out of place being a cursor! 5/5

Unknown author (2020-11-07 18:35:52):


Unknown author (2020-11-09 05:08:49):

Really cute but Location Select and Person Select are missing.

Unknown author (2020-11-26 23:34:37):

there are someones like location that are missing but this is great :-D

Unknown author (2020-11-29 09:09:26):

:-D :-D So cute

:-( :-o this is not working i really like it but its not working :-(

Unknown author (2020-12-01 17:07:44):

i love this so much but I dont get why it still wont work :-( :-D

Unknown author (2020-12-02 23:03:52):

i love thissss :-D :-D :-D

5 stars

Unknown author (2020-12-06 19:57:41):

¿Puedes hacer una versión morada de este?

Unknown author (2020-12-07 03:09:08):

How can I implement the whole set on my computer? There is n INF file to install

Unknown author (2020-12-12 17:46:21):

great job creating these cursors

Unknown author (2020-12-16 21:22:25):

how do i use the full set

Unknown author (2020-12-27 15:41:57):

How to do this?

Unknown author (2020-12-29 12:49:16):


Unknown author (2021-01-04 15:09:59):

idk why everyone here says it isnt working cuz its working fine for me, tysm i rly like these, super kawaii <3

Unknown author (2021-02-02 15:36:58):

Super cute :-D

Unknown author (2021-02-07 22:07:11):

so cutee

Unknown author (2021-02-10 02:04:38):

8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-)

Unknown author (2021-02-17 01:48:38):

I loved these! the only problem was theres no location or person select but i just used alternatives that i didnt use originally

Unknown author (2021-02-20 10:28:31):

For the people who doesnt know how to do this go search up wintery heart, she will give you clear instructions and make it easier for you too follow!

Unknown author (2021-03-12 14:39:07):


Unknown author (2021-03-22 06:19:36):

OMG its cute love it :-D

Unknown author (2021-03-23 09:46:31):

how to change it ?

Unknown author (2021-04-06 01:39:16):

q trocinho bonitinho =0

Unknown author (2021-04-14 23:29:57):


Unknown author (2021-04-18 12:04:26):

too cute

Unknown author (2021-04-19 05:18:57):

its so cute~! :-D

:) hi (2021-04-28 02:48:29):

its beautiful and cute

Unknown author (2021-04-28 08:13:13):

it's cute! can you make a brown set? or if you did please link it :-D

Unknown author (2021-05-09 19:03:35):

How do you use it?

Unknown author (2021-05-10 18:01:02):

stfu bums yall talk too much. damn. i get its cute buty your breathing MY AIR, and clogging it, so stfu. |-)

Unknown author (2021-05-16 06:33:53):

This is so cute i love it!! :-D

Unknown author (2021-05-19 22:46:12):

:-D it's very cute

Unknown author (2021-05-22 13:51:17):

im kinda sus is it safe to downlaod? anyway its cute! :-D

Unknown author (2021-05-23 03:05:43):

8-)im super cool now

Unknown author (2021-05-23 22:20:07):

8-) |-) |-) |-) |-) cool

Unknown author (2021-05-25 09:17:14):

:-D Cute

ツ☪ MiMi Destino ♡♥ (2021-05-25 10:12:47):

Thanks :-D

Unknown author (2021-05-26 22:02:52):

these are so adorable

Unknown author (2021-05-29 17:20:14):

so cute :-o :-o :-o

Unknown author (2021-06-01 14:45:53):


ツ☪ MiMi Destino ♡♥ (2021-06-02 03:31:09):

Thanks you so much icon-image/9565-16x16x32.png image

Thanks you so much icon-image/9565-16x16x32.png image

Unknown author (2021-06-03 20:47:46):


Unknown author (2021-06-04 15:26:51):


Unknown author (2021-06-07 14:14:40):

E nice work tho

Unknown author (2021-06-11 05:49:25):

thank you i love this cursor <3

Unknown author (2021-06-18 13:02:51):

So cute!!

ツ☪ MiMi Destino ♡♥ (2021-06-22 07:21:28):

Thanks you so much icon-image/9565-16x16x32.png image

Unknown author (2021-06-23 19:21:27):


Unknown author (2021-06-28 14:59:47):

love! :-o

Unknown author (2021-07-04 01:48:17):

this is so cute!

Unknown author (2021-07-09 23:10:51):

i love this so much make more anime ones i will appreciate it! <3 :-D

Unknown author (2021-07-10 14:01:59):

i love it!!

Unknown author (2021-07-24 16:05:49):

wow i like it :-), u make kawaii only?

Unknown author (2021-07-24 22:03:25):

so cute :-D

Unknown author (2021-08-02 05:35:04):

blue next

VeryCandyBR (2021-08-03 21:08:02):

como amo os cursores que vc faz! >w<

Unknown author (2021-08-06 20:34:23):

Your Cousors are so Cute

Unknown author (2021-08-20 11:33:49):

wow just wow :-o

ツ☪ MiMi Destino ♡♥ (2021-08-20 19:55:56):

Thanks you so much / Muchas Gracias icon-image/9565-16x16x32.png image

Unknown author (2021-09-16 18:19:26):

almost all my Cursors are by you!!
and i love it!!

i love all you cursors :-D

ツ☪ MiMi Destino ♡♥ (2021-09-18 21:53:49):

Tysm icon-image/9565-16x16x32.png image icon-image/9556-16x16x32.png image

Unknown author (2021-10-08 19:34:18):

:-( they didnt work for me but i have to agree they are really cute <3

ツ☪ MiMi Destino ♡♥ (2021-10-09 04:30:40):


Unknown author (2021-10-19 23:50:48):

this is so cute :-D

ツ☪ MiMi Destino ♡♥ (2021-10-20 04:03:33):

Thanks :-D

Unknown author (2021-10-27 07:24:33):

:-( didn't work for me

Omg it worked

ツ☪ MiMi Destino ♡♥ (2021-10-27 21:36:24):

icon-image/9565-16x16x32.png image

Unknown author (2021-10-29 12:52:22):

wow it's so cutee

ツ☪ MiMi Destino ♡♥ (2021-10-29 21:33:26):

TYSM icon-image/9565-16x16x32.png image

Unknown author (2021-11-02 03:13:10):

your cursors are so pretty and cute def a 10/10 <3 :-)

Unknown author (2021-11-04 08:35:04):

yes they are so cute I use them all the tim 1000000/10 :-D


ツ☪ MiMi Destino ♡♥ (2021-11-05 05:16:03):

THANKS YOU SO MUCH icon-image/9565-16x16x32.png image

Unknown author (2021-11-07 01:23:37):

how do i use it ?

and put it on

Unknown author (2021-11-08 00:19:26):


ツ☪ MiMi Destino ♡♥ (2021-11-08 04:14:57):


Unknown author (2021-11-16 01:39:55):

ahhh is so cute love it

ツ☪ MiMi Destino ♡♥ (2021-11-16 09:12:10):

tysm icon-image/9565-16x16x32.png image

Unknown author (2021-11-24 16:21:30):

Wahhhh it's so adorable!
Really appreciate your hard work on this!!!!
I love this, 10/10 :-D :-D :-D

ツ☪ MiMi Destino ♡♥ (2021-11-25 17:03:41):

tysm icon-image/9565-16x16x32.png image

Unknown author (2021-11-30 03:18:24):

WOAH THESE ARE SO GOOD AND CUTE your really good at playing these are awesome+aesthetic! :O

Unknown author (2021-12-06 05:00:51):

its soooo cuteeee :-)

ツ☪ MiMi Destino ♡♥ (2021-12-06 06:27:47):


Unknown author (2021-12-07 08:15:27):

cute :-D

Unknown author (2021-12-10 02:32:00):

so Cute!! :-D

ツ☪ MiMi Destino ♡♥ (2021-12-13 10:15:28):

tysm icon-image/9565-16x16x32.png image

Unknown author (2021-12-21 01:14:12):

im confused where's the location one?

Unknown author (2022-02-07 22:15:33):

super cute i love it so much! please make more ty ! :-D

Unknown author (2022-02-13 20:20:41):

how do u download one, whenever i try to open one, it doesnt download the cursor, please tell me ??
these are so cute and i wanna use them ;-)

Unknown author (2022-02-17 09:21:15):

so cuteeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unknown author (2022-02-22 11:00:30):

So cute!

Unknown author (2022-03-04 13:25:42):

lol cutecore

ツ☪ MiMi Destino ♡♥ (2022-03-05 10:29:31):

TYSM icon-image/9565-16x16x32.png image

Unknown author (2022-03-08 04:37:46):

hii, these are sooo cute!! :-D can u pls make another one like this but make it a heart instead of a cheesecake? thank you so much!<3

(sorry for my bad english)

oh nevermind, these are perfect

ツ☪ MiMi Destino ♡♥ (2022-03-09 04:49:52):

TYSM icon-image/9565-16x16x32.png image

Unknown author (2022-03-23 21:31:56):

can i use it for my website?

soo-sweet (2022-03-25 15:11:50):


Unknown author (2022-03-31 19:08:11):

yes you can use it
on your website
please credit me
Mimi Destino

ツ☪ MiMi Destino ♡♥ (2022-04-03 17:18:04):

yes you can use it
on your website
please credit me
Mimi Destino

~ ☁ Aesthetic girl ☁ ~ (2022-05-03 19:37:23 / 5 stars):

Es tan hermoso y kawaii <3
Puedes hacer uno de color rgb pls ?
Yo te doy 5 estrellas :-D <3

ツ☪ MiMi Destino ♡♥ (2022-05-04 00:07:20):

icon-image/9565-16x16x32.png image

Unknown author (2022-05-05 05:22:33):

I think this is great but is there someway to remove it cuz i dont want the same cursor forever.

Unknown author (2022-05-11 19:11:26):


ツ☪ MiMi Destino ♡♥ (2022-05-13 04:31:00):

tysm icon-image/9565-16x16x32.png image

Unknown author (2022-07-16 04:04:08):

adorable set!! love it so much thank you :-D :-)

Unknown author (2022-08-10 18:07:55):

i love it its sooo cute <33333333

Divaah (2022-08-14 22:40:04 / 5 stars):

adorable little cursor. not many people get the right shade of pink EVER, so bless you.

ツ☪ MiMi Destino ♡♥ (2022-08-20 00:05:46):

Tysm icon-image/9565-16x16x32.png image

Unknown author (2022-09-11 00:17:22):

it rly good my cursorr is so kawaii<3

Unknown author (2022-09-11 01:46:11):

so slay :-D

Unknown author (2022-09-13 12:56:35):

this is cute

ツ☪ MiMi Destino ♡♥ (2022-09-17 19:35:49):

TYSM icon-image/9565-16x16x32.png image

Unknown author (2022-09-29 14:22:22):


Unknown author (2022-11-02 03:36:14):

Hii! i have a request, is it possible if you make a version of this but hot pink and without the cheesecakes? no pressure though! you dont have to if you dont want to! love your work btw! :-D

ツ☪ MiMi Destino ♡♥ (2022-11-02 20:31:20):

THANKS YOU SO MUCH icon-image/9565-16x16x32.png image


Unknown author (2022-12-24 18:34:46):

omg this cursor is so cute that some of my friend are jealous hahahahahahaha

ツ☪ MiMi Destino ♡♥ (2022-12-24 20:17:33):

tysm icon-image/9565-16x16x32.png image

Unknown author (2023-02-14 07:56:54):

this cursor is so cute i love it so much :-D

Unknown author (2023-05-03 04:07:23):

love it! :-D

ツ☪ MiMi Destino ♡♥ (2023-05-03 14:24:40):

tysm icon-image/9565-16x16x32.png image icon-image/24825-16x16x32.png image

✩Ameliaf0rl1f3xoxo✩ (2023-05-09 04:39:04 / 5 stars):

hi! ツ☪ MiMi Destino ♡♥ is this your creatin in another website? nice design

✩Ameliaf0rl1f3xoxo✩ (2023-05-11 05:30:47):

pink is cute

ツ☪ MiMi Destino ♡♥ (2023-05-11 14:34:42):

tysm icon-image/9565-16x16x32.png image icon-image/24825-16x16x32.png image

Unknown author (2023-06-01 09:30:29):

:-o :-(

ツ☪ MiMi Destino ♡♥ (2023-06-01 12:29:31):


Unknown author (2023-06-06 10:52:34):


ツ☪ MiMi Destino ♡♥ (2023-06-06 14:54:46):

icon-image/24825-16x16x32.png image

Unknown author (2023-08-08 08:49:53):

great :-)

Unknown author (2023-08-10 23:01:31):


Unknown author (2023-08-25 04:27:51):

im using this cursor for like a year now its so freaking cuteeeeeee

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