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Teddy (2009-12-07 04:04:54):

pls comment guys!

Teddy (2009-12-07 04:07:52):

and rate too

Teddy (2009-12-09 14:19:33):

im working on a third set of these kinda cursors so wait and enjoy this one first lol

Teddy (2009-12-17 13:16:33):

waaah nobody comments these cursors

Unknown author (2009-12-31 08:16:19):


Teddy (2009-12-31 17:04:29):

thank you

Teddy (2010-01-18 01:44:43):

its gonna be better soon ... ags IV ftw!

Unknown author (2010-01-28 20:24:23):


Teddy (2010-01-30 03:32:48):

huh im very glad to see that my work is accepted here ^^
vlasta this site/forum is really cool

have fun, KT6

Unknown author (2010-02-03 18:16:16):

i like the green admiral g-sword

Unknown author (2010-02-07 06:56:55):

they're awsome, i didnt know how to use it but i looked it up n youtube, put somthing that tells people how to use them

Teddy (2010-02-11 14:32:39):

u can read how to use them on this site, u just have to search the topic.
but thy very much

Unknown author (2010-03-11 00:20:02):

sweet theses cursors r awsome u should make a venge one

Teddy (2010-03-13 13:37:16):

a venge one? what do u mean?
and thx

Unknown author (2010-04-14 19:30:07):

nice thxx...=D

Teddy (2010-04-16 13:02:29):

no problem
i love designing cursors :-)
if u like these, look for the 4th ags set

koby_elian2000 (2011-08-24 02:44:11):

why is the pen "left"?!

Unknown author (2011-11-06 18:24:39):

great thanks bro :-)

Unknown author (2011-11-30 08:31:52):

Is it possible if you create a wallpaper whereby a guy using full saradomin set holding a saradomin godsword/saradomin sword and inserting our name on the wallpaper.It would look cool tho.Just a suggestion.

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