Cursor Set - armadyl godswords II

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armadyl godswords II Cursors

armadyl godswords II
  • Published on December 5th 2009 by .
  • Released under the Attribution Required (CC by) license.
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the new design of the awesome armadyl godsword

Tags: RuneScape Sword


by Teddy

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user icon Anonymous on February 3rd 2010

i like the green admiral g-sword

user icon Anonymous on February 7th 2010

they're awsome, i didnt know how to use it but i looked it up n youtube, put somthing that tells people how to use them

user icon Teddy registered user on February 11th 2010

u can read how to use them on this site, u just have to search the topic.
but thy very much

user icon Anonymous on March 11th 2010

sweet theses cursors r awsome u should make a venge one

user icon Teddy registered user on March 13th 2010

a venge one? what do u mean?
and thx

user icon Anonymous on April 14th 2010

nice thxx...=D

user icon Teddy registered user on April 16th 2010

no problem
i love designing cursors :-)
if u like these, look for the 4th ags set

user icon koby_elian2000 registered user on August 24th 2011

why is the pen "left"?!

user icon Anonymous on November 6th 2011

great thanks bro :-)

user icon Anonymous on November 30th 2011

Is it possible if you create a wallpaper whereby a guy using full saradomin set holding a saradomin godsword/saradomin sword and inserting our name on the wallpaper.It would look cool tho.Just a suggestion.

user icon Anonymous