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RIDDLER (2018-04-09 23:52:26):

Gold cursors to spice up your operating system's look.

Pizzachu22 (2018-04-10 00:02:03 / 4 stars):

Could you speed up the gears?

RIDDLER (2018-04-10 04:27:56):

Speeding up the gears would made the spin invisible or laggy.

GreenyTheHedgehog (2018-10-06 22:24:15):

Really good cursor set!
The only thing wrong is that you should make person and location select too.

RIDDLER (2018-10-06 23:10:38):

Thanks a lot. Yes, its a very nice cursor set. What do you mean about "person" and "location".

Unknown author (2019-03-27 21:04:24):


The Derpy Girl (2019-05-03 16:29:10):

@RIDDLER who wrote:

Thanks a lot. Yes, its a very nice cursor set. What do you mean about "person" and "location".

What he means are cursors like these on Windows 10:

Location SelectPerson Select
Vlazteron (2019-12-18 21:44:14 / 4.5 stars):

Alternate Select, Normal Select, Help Select, Working in Background, Link Select and Unavailable hotspots are on the wrong place, please, fix them.

RIDDLER (2019-12-18 23:05:57):

That's not true. I have double checked the hotspots and they are in the right place.

Vlazteron (2019-12-18 23:08:49):

Check the Alternate Select.

RIDDLER (2019-12-18 23:27:17):

Your right. The Alternate Select cursor is slightly off set. I will fix it.


RIDDLER (2020-08-10 03:38:36):

The Alternate Select cursor role is now fixed. Enjoy using it.

Unknown author (2021-01-03 14:21:57):

Bruh this is my set that I created on deviantart in 2015 lol.

iamtheboss38 (2021-01-19 04:28:41 / 5 stars):

this is amazing for my golden theme thx

RIDDLER (2021-01-19 17:04:48):

I did not steal your set. I am only sharing it here. Also, I gave credit and the license is custom (contact author).

Unknown author (2022-01-17 00:25:23):

typeing is weird tho


RIDDLER (2022-01-17 20:03:53):

I did not steal this cursor set. I asked for sharing permissions first.

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