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RIDDLER (2018-04-11 01:33:49):

Twiggy cursor set.

Unknown author (2018-04-23 20:17:35):

thin lines aren't beautiful

RIDDLER (2018-04-23 22:13:41):

Twiggy is a thin model, so the lines of those cursors have to be thin. This cursor set looks good and original.

TyranicalRex (2018-05-10 19:34:34 / 4 stars):

Very nice! They make simple look good! You inspire me to make more cursors!
icon-image/7727-16x16x32.png image

RIDDLER (2018-05-10 20:40:18):

Thanks. My cursors are the best. Enjoy all my cursor sets. :-)

Ember Moon (2019-11-09 21:21:05 / 5 stars):

these do look...very twiggy...good

RIDDLER (2019-11-09 21:41:24):

Yes. They are thin like Twiggy. Twiggy the shrimp.

Unknown author (2019-12-31 11:08:53):

very good

RIDDLER (2020-01-03 17:12:34):

Thanks. It's nice and skinny like Twiggy.

Unknown author (2020-02-14 00:02:29):

Oh, my goodness. Such nice inspiration. Beatiful, original and inspirating. I'm speechless. This set is flawless, compared to the other cursor sets. I see, you placed some detail, such as making the cursors thin, like Twiggy.

It doesn't matter if its look is simple, I just enjoy it. Just one question: Why some parts look a bit thick?

Hope to see your reply soon.

-Anonymous user

PS: By the way: What program did you use to make this cursor set?

RIDDLER (2020-02-14 01:01:58):

Yes, my goal was to make the cursors super thin like Twiggy. The thick parts are only the arrows. The arrow heads blends in well with the rest of the cursors. This cursor set is supposed to be basic, and I like basic cursors as well as complex ones too.

The program I used to create this cursor set is called RW Cursor Editor.

emulatorguy23 (2020-02-18 16:49:36 / 5 stars):

Oki, thanks for replying very quick. Just telling u that I made an account, so I can rate your nice set!


RIDDLER (2020-02-18 16:53:31):

Thanks good that you can rate. You can create your own cursors and icons with your new account.

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