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Nikentomolog (2019-01-13 18:27:48 / 3.5 stars):

Sorry for bad rating, but i did that because most of hot spots are offset. But the cursors are simple and cool though.

RIDDLER (2019-01-15 05:51:28 / 5 stars):

Very nice set. Your cursor hotspots are in the wrong place. Please rectify your hotspots.

srbigodon (2019-02-04 01:21:26):

I try to edit hotspots but the site don't save

Vlazteron (2019-06-27 03:18:08):

Almost all of those are just of the system. I think the link is the only modifed. :-(

Unknown author (2019-09-25 19:34:48):

Those cursors already exist on the system. |-)

Unknown author (2019-11-17 11:15:27):

I have black life, with a black light... in a black house, with a black computer and a black cursor with a black wallpaper:)

Unknown author (2020-07-09 06:09:00):

These cursors already exist on the operating system

Unknown author (2020-09-07 06:57:28):

These r already in my laptop

Unknown author (2020-10-21 23:13:56):

yeah but the link select is white by default :-(

Deleted User (2020-11-18 13:08:50):

ls that stealing? Y/N

Unknown author (2021-05-11 11:17:12):

yeah but the link select is white by default :-( R> just use rw.designer cursor editor sownload a normal link select paint the black for aleatory color paint the whithe black then the aleatory color by white ;-)

ls that stealing? Y/N <Answer> yes and no

ls that stealing? Y/N <Answer>i think yes cuz he dont said nothing about it being an windows cursor so i think yes

Unknown author (2021-05-14 03:57:28):

why do u try.... they are already on WINDOWS!!!

꧁ Illusion ꧂ (2021-06-18 13:18:54):

Very Good.. It's Just Like The Default Black in The Unit System...Why don't you make this rainbow colored? ;-) Just Kidding This Is Amazing.. icon-image/15613-16x16x32.png image

said ayoub haidari (2021-07-20 13:17:53):

Nice! :-D ;-) :-) |-) :-D :-o :-( |-) :-o :-o

Unknown author (2021-07-26 16:31:09):

These cursors are already in windows xp , vista , 8 , 8.1 , and 10. But they don't have the black link select.

name (2021-10-27 12:23:25):

i made both the location and person select hand made and also the black and white link select

✧•SkylerYT•✧ (2021-11-13 21:19:19 / 2 stars):

Esos cursores le aparecen a mi padre cuando tuvo su computadora, por eso le doy 2 estrellas

Unknown author (2021-12-13 12:08:54):

This is cool

Unknown author (2022-03-31 20:40:49):

i really think you should make more...i recommend these cursors. :-D :-D :-D 8-) 8-) 8-)

Unknown author (2022-04-28 19:28:13):

this is stealing LOLLLL

Unknown author (2022-05-03 07:23:50):


Unknown author (2022-05-31 18:01:23):

:-) tnx

Unknown author (2022-08-01 10:43:38):

:-) tnx ;-) :-D 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) |-)

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