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Name:Nick Beroshvili

I am 13 Years old boy. i enjoy creating cursors so much. at first, i created them on another website, but i found Real world Cursor Editor much more interesting!

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Fortnite - Ragnarok Cursors (43 cursors)

Released on August 7th 2018 by Nikentomolog

So, i made Ragnarok set as JManGames requested. There are much more cursors than i usually do. some of them have tail, some don't.

Cursor - shaped blue magical crystals are protected with spiky armour.

+ there are two types of handwriting cursors.

I could not make hand - shaped link select cursor, so i had to recolor normal select. At first i wanted to make smooth animation, but i though that flickering one is better.

Please write in comments if you find any mistake.

Enjoy! ;-)

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user icon JManGames registered user on June 20th

Nikentomolog, PLEASE MAKE THOSE VISITOR CURSORS, i think that would be legendary. YOU ARE A LEGEND!!!

user icon Nikentomolog registered user on June 24th

Ok! I agree that the set will be good, but i am not a legend at the moment, i just hope to be!

user icon Devk registered user on August 27th

You said you give away free Spray Paints? What colors do you have?

user icon Anonymous on September 11th

make skull trooper cursors
:-) :-D 8-)

user icon Newbieme registered user on September 26th


user icon Nikentomolog registered user on September 29th

Hi ;-)

Thanks for 1000 downloads on skull trooper set! ill try to make Calamity or DJ Yonder cursors.

user icon Tim H registered user on October 9th

Nice cursors! What do you think of my cursors?

user icon Nikentomolog registered user on October 12th

I like your cursors bro! Thanks for visiting my profile page :-)

user icon Nikentomolog registered user on October 15th

This is the first time when i made two successful sets at one time. 8-)

user icon Nikentomolog registered user about 16 hours ago

Fortnite - Dusk s will be a usual size set.

user icon Anonymous
What about ICL files?
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I wish there were...
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