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Name:Nick Beroshvili

I am 13 Years old boy. i enjoy creating cursors so much. at first, i created them on another website, but i found Real world Cursor Editor much more interesting!

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Fortnite - Ragnarok Cursors (43 cursors)

Released on August 7th 2018 by Nikentomolog

So, i made Ragnarok set as JManGames requested. There are much more cursors than i usually do. some of them have tail, some don't.

Cursor - shaped blue magical crystals are protected with spiky armour.

+ there are two types of handwriting cursors.

I could not make hand - shaped link select cursor, so i had to recolor normal select. At first i wanted to make smooth animation, but i though that flickering one is better.

Please write in comments if you find any mistake.

Enjoy! ;-)

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user icon JManGames registered user on June 8th

Hey Nikentomolog, sweet carbide cursors, can't wait for the omega cursors :-D

user icon Nikentomolog registered user on June 13th


user icon JManGames registered user on June 20th

Nikentomolog, PLEASE MAKE THOSE VISITOR CURSORS, i think that would be legendary. YOU ARE A LEGEND!!!

user icon Nikentomolog registered user on June 24th

Ok! I agree that the set will be good, but i am not a legend at the moment, i just hope to be!

user icon Nikentomolog registered user about 8 hours ago

I just realized that my Rainbow disco cursor has more than 100 downloads! i am going to make a full set! :-D

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