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RIDDLER (2020-02-20 10:35:05):

This is a folder cursor set.

Unknown author (2020-02-20 10:37:59):


RIDDLER (2020-02-20 10:38:54):

Thanks for the compliment.

Unknown author (2020-02-20 10:40:13):

I very much fancy the folder look.

RIDDLER (2020-02-20 10:41:00):

Me too. I have been thinking of creating this cursor set for quite some time.

snickerdoodle (2020-02-21 04:57:25 / 5 stars):

pretty aawesome

RIDDLER (2020-02-21 05:04:11):

It is awesome.

RIDDLER (2020-10-31 14:20:27):


Unknown author (2022-07-02 22:54:56):

This is great cursors :-D

RIDDLER (2022-07-03 17:40:24):

This set is lovely. I understand your point there.

The Male Boss (2023-08-14 21:10:43 / 4.5 stars):

This cursors set looks excellent and I like the colour you’ve used for the cursors it looks very much like the folders.
You’ve included 15 cursors roles which is All that was available at the time the cursor set was created you could expand it to 17 cursors by adding the location and person select if you wanted too.
All your cursor hotspots are in the right place.
I’d of preferred if the unavailable sign actually looked like an unavailable sign that just a circle but it’s not a major issue.
Excellent work.

RIDDLER (2023-08-14 22:42:54):

This cursor set is supposed to have a yellow tone like the Windows XP folders. This set is supposed to have 15 cursor roles, so I will not add any more cursors to it. The Location Select and the Person Select cursor roles are intended for Windows 10 and 11, so they don't apply and are not suitable for Windows XP cursors. Therefore, there are no needs to expand this cursor set further.

I always make sure that all my cursor sets have the hotspots in the correct place. This includes this set as well.

The reason behind to why I have made the Unavailable cursor role like a donut circle wheel is because my intention was to make the Unavailable cursor role different from all the other cursors sets that I have on my profile. I believe that differentiation and randomization of cursors is important to keep the flow of cursors on my profile interesting and eye catching for other users on this site.

My work always comes out as excellency.

Thank you so much, Mr Boss.

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