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Vlazteron (2020-09-02 20:54:22):

I might create a 2nd part of this mix. I hope everyone likes this set!

Unknown author (2020-09-03 17:33:40):

well it is ok it is not the best i have seen u do better. can u do better next time? i would love download it but it is not that good! i hope you do better

plus one of them is the default cursor so i could just change my cursor to normal .

Unknown author (2020-09-05 04:41:53):

Madara mangekyo sharingan eternal

RIDDLER (2020-09-06 15:24:37 / 5 stars):

That's an excellent mix. Its a good idea to re-use junkyard cursors to make new sets with them.

Vlazteron (2020-09-06 18:04:38):


R0mKa (2020-09-06 19:01:22 / 5 stars):

Some of your cursors in this set are cool like aliendancer, or water. Not gonna lie, this a very good set. I can give this 5 stars :-)

Vlazteron (2020-09-06 21:08:30):

Thank you very much! Should I make a 2nd part?

Unknown author (2020-09-07 06:55:28):

The alien one is way too funny and cute please make more like these

W Rich (2020-09-07 07:46:39 / 5 stars):

i dunno why, but the cursor is like a glitch when you go around like this down right up left down right up left down right up left fast.

8-) wow cool thats very cool i like it

I also like the thing that makes it dance: cursor dancing with no beatmap and also without osu! but with the cursor

Unknown author (2020-09-08 04:17:36):

Let's sleep

R0mKa (2020-09-08 13:01:53):

I think that you need to do 2 part :-D ;-)

Vlazteron (2020-09-08 14:21:35):


Unknown author (2020-09-21 03:23:54):


Unknown author (2021-02-13 00:52:20):


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