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sixλxis (2010-04-20 19:20:10 / 4 stars):

if you want to make a perfect star you need to make a pentagon first, a perfect pentagon has interior angles of 108 degrees. Then just connect the dots to make a star. This way you wont get that off-center star.


Teddy (2010-04-20 21:26:58 / 4.5 stars):

He's a perfectionist ;-)

Good work!

angelsixteen (2010-04-21 20:16:04):

i kinda like it slightly off center (in my language we call it senget..which can also mean not quite right in the head, which i sometimes am =D)..i will remember that advice next time. thanks for the rating! i really appreciate it since this is the first cursor set i ever made

thanks! appreciate the compliment. glad u like it. love ur cursors by the way

sixλxis (2010-04-23 00:13:49):

lol thanks

Unknown author (2010-07-17 09:49:11):

I hate to ask you of this, not being a registered member, but is there any chance of you inverting the colors, at least concerning the Pentagram itself, to blue? I <3 blue. :3

angelsixteen (2010-09-03 18:30:47):

sorry for the late reply..sure..i'll work on it

Unknown author (2012-04-10 21:01:48):

the Pentagram is supposed to be inverted star ...none of are here :-(

MariaPiu (2012-04-20 16:50:24 / 4.5 stars):


Unknown author (2012-07-13 09:56:29):

Shouldn't it be inverted

Unknown author (2013-02-06 20:50:05):

Where is inverted?

Unknown author (2013-05-09 23:38:21):

pentagram is not suppose to be inverted star unless you practice satanism. its suppose to be upright. ;-)

Unknown author (2013-06-20 07:51:08):

U dumb twat... And the "inverted" pentagram is older than satanism... and christianity...

Unknown author (2013-07-20 04:58:31):

Dont Use That, Its Satanism...... :-( :-(

Unknown author (2013-08-12 22:55:45):

These are Pentacles NOT Pentagrams, I'm not even gonna bother with the differences or what practices they are used for. Go read a book and get educated and leave your ignorance at the door.

Unknown author (2013-09-30 07:58:05):

Pentacles are circled five-pointed stars, while Pentagrams consist of just the star. And Satanism? Wicca has nothing to do with satanism, nor do most Wiccans or Pagans believe in a particular God. Again, like the anonymous above, I'm not going to bother explaining how to differentiate. I felt the need to input, because of the actual lack of knowledge most people have about the religion. |-)

Unknown author (2014-05-12 02:00:26):

A pentacle's simply a talisman or amulet. Both terms "Pentacle" & "Pentagram" stem from the root word Pente, which is Greek for the number Five. No need to mystify or be condescending to those who don't know this fact. It isn't special knowledge, merely linguistics.

The inverted pentagram is simply Elements over Spirit, rather than vice-versa. The Satanist, like all Abrahamian systems usurped symbols far older than themselves. Most people believe these symbols are theirs only because they've not studied or investigated such matters further. Again...no reason to chastise someone "out of the loop"; that's for the lonely who cling onto the intangible because that lack Real station in Real Life.

...just saying.

Enough said.

Unknown author (2015-01-06 00:18:32):

:-o :-o :-o
Satanism :-o :-o :-o

The Vatican has brainwashed you labeling as paganism or satanism everything else, and after 2000 years i still see people as smart as sheep, so please search your pastor...

Unknown author (2015-06-28 06:26:28):

ave satanas! hail the beast 666 there is no god!

Censor_Not (2017-02-09 18:19:03 / 4.5 stars):

LOL it's not satanic ROFL...LOL.. :-D

Unknown author (2018-02-24 22:47:03):


Unknown author (2018-05-28 03:20:04):

So many people complaining.
Thank you for being the One person to make these cursors, man. I use all of them.

Unknown author (2019-08-19 00:07:57):

do you have one of the for location selec and for person select ?

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