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RIDDLER (2020-10-29 01:16:42 / 5 stars):

I would like to see a full rainbow cursor set like the "Gamer mouse busy" cursor. That would be awesome.

Please fix your hotspot for the Busy cursor.

Unknown author (2020-10-29 05:53:06):

very nice im using it

R0mKa (2020-10-29 07:23:22 / 5 stars):

This is definitely what i need! Please, make a full set :-) 5 stars

Rocked_socks (2020-10-29 07:51:54 / 3.5 stars):

I wouldn't say this is "gamer". More like rainbow. Im doing less stars due to the lack of cursors.

Huh_ (2020-10-29 10:42:53):

They look pretty good! I see alot of potential in this set. I can't wait to see it complete.

RIDDLER (2020-10-29 12:58:54):


Wolfie3334MOON (2020-10-29 14:00:19):

How is it that none of the best cursors on this website are finished? Please finish this soon enough. Nonetheless, great cursors!

Blxyr (2020-10-29 14:18:14):

Those cursors are a ripoff of the Retro Wave cursors which is the link I commented above. So you can use the link above as whatever you want lol. |-)

oskiebadoskie (2020-10-29 14:25:34 / 2 stars):

I don't think its very good, and as Bloxyr said, it is a ripoff of retro wave, and the text select is flashy and it makes it difficult to read some things.

Unknown author (2020-10-29 14:48:38):

This sucks in bigger |-)

Unknown author (2020-10-29 14:56:30):

ripoff but i guess its pretty good

Unknown author (2020-10-29 15:14:26):

i love it it kind of looks sick pls make it a complete set

eeveelover64 (2020-10-29 17:33:21 / 4 stars):

ok, first of all its NOT a ripoff, second of all, there's a difference between "ripoff" and "inspiration", he/her/they probably didn't even know that set existed, imagine how he feels right now that people are calling his/her/its set a "ripoff", when in reality, he/her/they probably didn't even KNOW that set existed.

william alexander (2020-10-29 18:31:16):

Thank you eevee. This is my 1st time ever doing this and I did not know that the set was a thing. I am also going to release the full set soon. Unfortunatly it will problebly take a few days because i have tons of schoolwork. I will be finished soon and I am very happy my cursor set got this popular

I have made more http://www.rw-designer.com/cursor-set/gamermouse-version-2-wip

eeveelover64 (2020-10-29 18:41:53):

hey its ok, take as MUCH time as needed, a cursor set that is rushed will be forever bad, a cursor set that takes time to make will be great! Also, my biggest gripe with this set is the precision select, text select, and busy, the precision select is a bit to small try to make it a little bigger, dunno if it was intentional or not, the text select is flashing a bit, tho that might be unintentional too and could mean that your still working on it, and the busy's hotspot is waaaaay off but you might not know where to put it, i suggest the middle, since alot of the busy cursors here have hotspots that are in the middle, and hopefully it gets animated too like the working in background one. This set has a lot of potential, keep it up!

william alexander (2020-10-29 18:56:30):

ok i will fix these problems

william alexander (2020-10-29 20:55:47):

500 downloads thx but here is updated versin http://www.rw-designer.com/cursor-set/gamermouse-version-2-wip

RIDDLER (2020-10-30 04:05:44):

Cool wip.

Unknown author (2020-10-30 16:40:24):

haber es una bueno es un buen grupo de cursores pero le pones mas cursores pofa :-)

Unknown author (2020-10-31 10:44:26):

havnet tried it yet

Unknown author (2020-11-08 19:45:39):

this is sick and I love it, its pretty cool

Unknown author (2020-11-12 17:08:37):

help me how u do it on a school Chromebook if that's even possible?

kia (2021-02-05 13:04:25 / 0.5 stars):

Is a tru shite

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