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tHEmEEPYjIB (2020-12-01 03:49:11):

Hello people! This is my second cursor set on the website, the third that I've ever made, and the second among us set that I've made.
If there's any issues with the set, please tell me and I'll try to fix it.

Also, I will be taking requests for personal Among Us Characters. If you want your own Among Us character made, just ask in the comments. It will be in the same style as this one, so if you don't like the way this was done, then don't ask. If it's not too hard, I'll do it. I'll try to respond to all requests, and I check daily, so check often if you asked for a cursor set.

Sorry for writing so much! :-D :-D

[Edit:] For the requests, you can specify a hat, skin, pet, and color if you want. I forgot to include this in the original post. :-D

Unknown author (2020-12-01 05:19:45):

try to make the among us "spaceman" less tall :-) :-) :-)

tHEmEEPYjIB (2020-12-01 05:31:53):

Oh, okay. Thanks for the tip!

Huh_ (2020-12-01 08:34:52 / 5 stars):

The fact that you put the ufo pet is great. And also i like your among us character request idea, nice work!

Bobcat (2020-12-01 13:22:48 / 5 stars):

The fact that it has a pet is great. I think none of the Among Us sets have pets. Every action fits the role it has, and the drawing looks great. I actually thought that you used images from the internet lol. :-o I think these are one of the best Among Us cursors. Many people do Among Us sets, so I thought it would just be a normal one. Again, the fact that you used a pet is very outstanding, and people wouldn't really think of using the UFO as the pet. They would choose mini crewmate duh.

Speechless (2020-12-01 13:56:59 / 5 stars):

Cool! It has a pet, and it's really different from the other styles. It's really nice! Can you make a black one with the rover?
Also, @Bobcat is right. Shoutout to him. A lot of people use images from the internet or copy. But you and me, we do things our own way. Good job! :-D

tHEmEEPYjIB (2020-12-01 15:09:58):

Thank you all so much! BlackEntity11, you want black with the rover pet right? Do you want any hats or skins, because I can do those too. I forgot to specify that in the original post.

Also to Bobcat and Huh_, I chose the UFO because it was my favorite. To be honest, I'm just making these just for the heck of it, so I don't really care what will get more downloads. Although it may sound weird, I actually don't like the mini crewmate that much! :-D

Unknown author (2020-12-01 15:36:44):

cool :-D

Speechless (2020-12-02 16:54:21):

@tHEmEEPYjIB, no, no skins. But here's the improv version. Black with ski goggles, and the rover pet. You can make the color either black, white or orange. Thanks, I really appreciate it. :-D
Sorry that I have the 5 star rating again, but this does deserve 10 stars.

Also, no, i don't really enjoy the mini crewmate, but i do a bit.
a teensy bit.
a small bit.

tHEmEEPYjIB (2020-12-02 20:08:14):

Thanks BlackEntity11; I'll start working on the cursors

Unknown author (2020-12-03 23:30:38):

uhhh guys i've been lookiing for some coooooool among us cursors that are colorful, im into & has all of the cursors in it (has to be a cursor pack) so just wondering if anyone will send me a link to any?? (i copy and paste this on every cursor pack i see)

tHEmEEPYjIB (2020-12-04 00:35:24):

Sorry, but I don't know any that I would recommend. If you like my cursor style, you can give me a skin, hat, pet, and/or color and I'll make it for you. I'll also need a name. If you don't want me to make you one, then good luck on finding one. Have a nice day! :-D

tHEmEEPYjIB (2020-12-04 03:35:31):

@Couriem, I have finished the cursor set you requested! :-D The ski mask was super hard ;-) . Anyway, do you want me to post it on the website, or should I send it to you another way?

Bxddie.com (2020-12-06 17:17:11 / 5 stars):

How do I apply the cursor?

ⓟⓘⓚⓐⓒⓗⓤⓡⓤⓢ (2020-12-07 07:09:46 / 0.5 stars):


Unknown author (2020-12-08 16:29:53):

how do me apply cursor me doesnt know :-(

tHEmEEPYjIB (2020-12-11 19:35:42):

@Bxddie.com you just download it and apply it like any other cursor.
Try this page for help: https://www.businessinsider.com/how-to-change-the-cursor-on-windows-10

Unknown author (2020-12-16 01:11:40):

how do you put this as your mouse ?

tHEmEEPYjIB (2020-12-16 06:18:30):

Go to the page I linked in the comment above yours; see if that helps!

Unknown author (2020-12-21 18:57:02):

אהבתי ממש ממליץ בחום וזהו.

Unknown author (2020-12-26 11:04:58):

can u do my charecter plz
hat:charels speaker (wrong spell xD)
skin:black suit
name:Potatochips pls do this cursor i really do not know how to do one and i want my own :-(

Unknown author (2021-01-13 19:52:16):

wow u do very well thank u for doing this for us :-D

idk how to rate lmfao

Unknown author (2021-01-20 00:42:02):

good 8-)

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