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Unknown author (2020-12-20 08:46:38):

It's me, thank you soo much

Unknown author (2020-12-20 09:41:43):

See ur famous now... its mee again 8-)

RIDDLER (2020-12-20 15:27:45 / 5 stars):

Oh, I like that deep navy blue.

R0mKa (2020-12-21 13:09:20 / 5 stars):

Nice color! It's relaxing, deep and good. 5 stars coming for you! :-D

Unknown author (2020-12-21 13:26:59):

congratulations on 244 downloads today

-+8:00 GMT- btw i did the first 2 messages and requested this, he is very kind and A Korean xD

Thank you and stay safe everyone


Unknown author (2020-12-22 17:56:54):

Alguém sabe como coloca??? kkkk

tHEmEEPYjIB (2020-12-26 17:15:13 / 5 stars):

These are really good! I like the dark blue color a lot. When I saw the dark cursor, I thought It would look good in blue :-D. The animations are also really smooth.

Unknown author (2020-12-28 17:39:01):

how? |-)

Bobcat (2020-12-30 10:59:32 / 5 stars):

Deep, nice color. I advise you to make more recolored sets of those material cursors. I would love it if you made yellow.

4qts (2020-12-31 22:21:54):

nice ;-)

Yoon_0117 (2021-01-05 04:15:12):

Sure, Ill try

Unknown author (2021-01-11 14:14:48):


Unknown author (2021-01-21 04:13:51):

Hi it's the requestor again, Love it now!!!

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