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Unknown author (2021-02-08 13:08:21):

do the horizontal thing

RIDDLER (2021-02-08 13:27:52 / 5 stars):

You could make a Bugs Bunny cursor set. That would be awesome.

R0mKa (2021-02-08 13:55:31 / 5 stars):

Very nice and cute cursor set, i like it. But can you do Horizontal Resize, please? Thank you. 4.5 stars incoming! :-D

Unknown author (2021-02-08 16:49:08):

UwU very kawaiiiii

J (2021-02-08 20:23:59 / 5 stars):

These are really cute! Great job!

Unknown author (2021-02-08 23:19:14):

poop 8-)

R0mKa (2021-02-09 13:57:32):

Very cute, thanks for adding Horizontal Resize, 5 stars incoming! :-)

Unknown author (2021-02-09 14:12:16):


Unknown author (2021-02-09 17:23:55):

these are so cute omg

Bobcat (2021-02-11 08:07:18 / 5 stars):

What cute bunnies! The fact that it is blocky makes me think that it is from a cute retro game! icon-image/20178-16x16x32.png image

Unknown author (2021-02-11 18:40:45):

I love the cute bunny there are very cute i like the bust one because its like a peekoboo

Unknown author (2021-02-16 05:10:07):


LunaTsuki (2021-02-17 21:47:32):

cute :3

Unknown author (2021-02-24 15:28:38):

This is like a POO

Unknown author (2021-03-02 13:35:45):

these are so cute!! ^^

Unknown author (2021-03-18 06:39:04):

super cute, thank you! :-D

Unknown author (2021-03-18 19:38:08):

idk but ok |-)

Unknown author (2021-03-19 19:24:39):

ai ai q fofo:>

eu amei^^, estou usando a 2 dias e ja amei, são perfeitos:3, meus fãs amaram<3

ilovepcs (2021-03-19 22:18:15 / 5 stars):

Cute cursors! I also love the pixelated look.

Unknown author (2021-03-24 02:36:44):

this is so cute and gay at the same time i like it but please dont let the UwU boys/girls use this i will cry if they do :-(

How to change curser i have no idea i wanna cry pls pls plssss tell or i will tell my mommy and daddi :C and also i will also turn int omega unicorn/demon powerful god princess!! xD UvU

Unknown author (2021-03-24 09:29:28):

:-D :-D :-D :-D ;-) ;-)

Unknown author (2021-03-27 21:12:39):


Unknown author (2021-03-30 07:46:35):


i love it! :-D

Unknown author (2021-03-31 10:23:30):


ツ Mimi Destino ♡ (2021-05-25 08:07:18 / 5 stars):

Thanks you so much

for posting the credits


i really like the idea of

have them on blue too. :-D

Unknown author (2021-11-22 13:31:32):

it's adorable thanks ! :-D

Unknown author (2022-01-13 05:26:56):

soo cute I love this so much!!

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