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RIDDLER (2021-03-19 23:10:10):

Binary cursor set with a touch of pink for girls. Girl users will like this set very much.

RIDDLER (2021-03-20 01:47:29):

I am glad there is a girly set.

RIDDLER (2021-03-20 01:47:55):

Me too.

RIDDLER (2021-04-02 16:56:01):

Two new cursors available. Read the description above for more information on that.

Unknown author (2021-04-15 20:50:44):

Sobbing at the idea that the color makes cursors have gender XD

RIDDLER (2021-04-16 10:29:33):

This purple color has a female gender. Its perfect for girl users.

aubade (2021-05-17 02:57:25):

YOU'RE ARE KILLING ME "perfect for females" LMAOOOOOOOO "users of the xx chromosome appreciate the light variant known as 'purple' and 'pink'" Anyway nice cursor set

RIDDLER (2021-05-17 03:05:03):

I am not killing you. I have the right to express my kind feelings towards women and girls.

RIDDLER (2021-06-02 01:09:05):

New hourglass cursors. Come and see them.

Unknown author (2023-10-07 18:07:14):

cute love it

RIDDLER (2023-10-07 20:00:22):

:-) I love it too. :-)

Unknown author (2024-06-02 19:23:38):

how is purple targeted towards women and girls? lmao. my boyfriend loves the color purple / dark purple, color has no gender idiot.

anyway nice skin

RIDDLER (2024-06-02 21:11:45):

Girls are in favour with mostly pink, but also purple. Lads also use dark purple if they wish.

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