Cursor Set - Binary Enchanced - Purple Shadow

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Binary Enchanced - Purple Shadow Cursors

Binary Enchanced - Purple Shadow
  • Published on March 19th 2021 by .
  • Released under the Custom (contact author) license.
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Hopachi was keen enough to create a binary purple cursor set. I am glad he did because women and girls would favour this color very much. This binary purple cursor set has a light pinkish purple outline which makes this cursor set glow pink. The purple fill is the main source of color here.

Visit the website to see the cursor preview at the bottom of the web page on the link below:

A user on the website has made two new additional cursor roles using the original purple binary templates that Hopachi made himself. The user is called i486, and he did a brilliant job on adding two extra cursors to this set. The new Busy cursor is called "Busy Star" and the other new Working In Background cursor role is called "Busy Waiting". Have fun you girls with the new additions now available in this zip file. You may choose to download those two extra cursors individually or re-download the full set. I would recommend that you re-download the whole set so that no cursor are missing. That also helps with the RealWorld download count for cursor sets. You can also download this cursor set from the site if you register for a new account. This cursor set is also available for download at the bottom of page 15 from the link below:

There are 22 cursors in this zip file. Windows 10 - 19H1 and above is required to use the additional two cursor roles, location and person. There is one left handed cursor in this set called "inverted". Please note that in Windows 10, only 17 cursors can be used at the same time in the Additional Mouse Pointer Settings. You cannot use all 22 cursors. The extra cursors that are available in this cursor pack are for other uses as well as for deeper customization purposes.

Attention: This purple shadow cursor set may be difficult to properly see on small computer screens with low resolutions and low graphic cards. It is recommended to have a good resolution of at least 1920x1080 pixels or higher to get the best possible viewing and animation effect experience from this cursor set.

The two cursors with the binary numbers are animated, as well as the additional cursors, which were recently added to this set as part of an update to this cursor pack. Those cursors have a classic appearance with a modern look for Windows 10 users, so Windows 10 users can properly experience a good combination of an old and new look blended together in one single cursor set. Enjoy all the colors and animation that this cursor set has to offer.


There is a new update for June 2nd 2021. I welcome you two new animated hourglass cursor roles for the "Busy" and "Working In Background" cursor roles. Those hourglass cursors were made by i486 for use with classic versions of Windows like Windows XP or older versions of Windows in this era. Female users will like this new cursor addition. Comeback again to download those hourglass cursors if you need them.

Tags: Windows 10 ■ Purple Girly



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user icon RIDDLER registered user on April 2nd 2021

Two new cursors available. Read the description above for more information on that.

user icon Anonymous on April 15th 2021

Sobbing at the idea that the color makes cursors have gender XD

user icon RIDDLER registered user on April 16th 2021

This purple color has a female gender. Its perfect for girl users.

user icon aubade registered user on May 17th 2021

YOU'RE ARE KILLING ME "perfect for females" LMAOOOOOOOO "users of the xx chromosome appreciate the light variant known as 'purple' and 'pink'" Anyway nice cursor set

user icon RIDDLER registered user on May 17th 2021

I am not killing you. I have the right to express my kind feelings towards women and girls.

user icon RIDDLER registered user on June 2nd 2021

New hourglass cursors. Come and see them.

user icon Anonymous on October 7th 2023

cute love it

user icon RIDDLER registered user on October 7th 2023

:-) I love it too. :-)

user icon Anonymous on June 2nd

how is purple targeted towards women and girls? lmao. my boyfriend loves the color purple / dark purple, color has no gender idiot.

anyway nice skin

user icon RIDDLER registered user on June 2nd

Girls are in favour with mostly pink, but also purple. Lads also use dark purple if they wish.

user icon Anonymous