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♣Aworld♣ (2021-10-22 01:36:04 / 4.5 stars):

It doesn't look really bad, but there are some bugs on the frames
But for now just 4.5/5

RIDDLER (2021-10-23 16:50:35 / 5 stars):

I like all the flashy colors of those Nexus cursors. Thanks for coming out with something new.

GeorgiosNexus (2021-10-23 18:34:14):

Yeah! I'll already execute my awesome idea to make all new modern cursor set,enjoyable with flashing color animations . Audience will happy to have these cursors and available for free use! Thanks for watching,reviews,good comments,downloading. I'm really appreciate it and I'm new member here,but I have experience,knowledge,talent to make cursors!These cursors are ready for anything and are perfectly fit to join to play videogames with Nexus Arrow cursors! Just enjoy what you see! :-)

Unknown author (2021-10-25 02:49:20):

I like it :-) :-) :-) :-)

Unknown author (2021-10-25 09:37:17):

it is very nice

nightklp (2021-10-25 13:13:27 / 4.5 stars):

is the hotspots just like that not talking about diagonal

im talking about other

well its still cool

iloveeverycursors (2021-10-26 08:09:50):

not bad i guess? |-)

Unknown author (2021-10-26 17:26:03):


not bad i guees

ʄʟɨӼ (2021-10-26 17:42:56 / 1.5 stars):

Nope. I'm sorry but this set would be quite unusable. This set looks like you took LSD, and animated the hotspots along with the cursor. Cool set, but leave the hotspot alone. 1.5/5 ;-) Just some friendly advice

GeorgiosNexus (2021-10-26 22:06:54):

Impossible . I dont accept your verdict and review with 1.5 result. My Nexus Arrow set cursors are usable and looks very nice and awesome and will get more stars by other people!Your have bad taste to review any cursor sets!Nexus Animated very well and works perfectly in motion!You dont try to see in practice and you make misTAKE in this verdict!

ʄʟɨӼ (2021-10-28 12:27:24):

Uhmm, there's something called an opinion... And don't get butthurt over my review, you didn't see me say "Just some friendly advice"? And I don't have bad taste, I just personally wouldn't use these cursors. They're just full of energy is what i'm trying to say

Like even the text hotspot is wrong in #2, and in busy, and in link, and in move, and in busy #2, and finally, both diagonals.

Sorry for the negative review, but you will see criticism on some cursor sets. If you can't even handle that, wait until you're an adult "Unless you are one"

Phantom (2021-10-28 23:25:53 / 5 stars):

The design of these aren't overall bad, but some of them i have a hard time using. The busy, text and diagonal cursors are the ones im mostly talking about. I do like the colors you picked for these! I see you have made a newer set so i am going to check that out right now. You should make some red ones that would be cool :-o

GeorgiosNexus (2021-11-06 13:43:01):

the design is overall good .But I know the hotspots are out of order and you have bad experience hard time using! Sorry for inconverience . You should check my newer set and hope you like it!~ Nexus Neon Red is best without problems and hotspots are perfectly in order! ;-)

GeorgiosNexus (2021-11-08 01:11:42):

hm. maybe I will fix them in this cursor set! ;-)

GeorgiosNexus (2021-11-08 12:18:29):

now I change all wrong hotspots to right order of direction! Don't forget to download it! Now is better without confuse the people for use ! 8-)

and replace some old cursors to new if dont have good color in move!

GeorgiosNexus (2021-11-08 22:04:42):

Now these cursors going better than before! Try now!

✧ • Skyler • ✧ (2021-11-10 19:38:44 / 2 stars):

Que les paso a los cursores, sinceramente NO los descargaria porque los colores me molestan :-o

Le doy 2 estrellas porque ademas se mueven mucho y te confunden

GeorgiosNexus (2021-11-10 21:14:40):

what?Impossible! My cursor set is better and not worst! I dont understand what you said. :-( Can you speak english?

hm. I copy your words to google translate and I understand what you said before. These colors are annoying you and you dont want to download and you give 2 stars and they moving much faster and confused. Sorry for incovenience and I dont want to delete my cursor set. I think you have epilepsy and I understand how you feel about that. It's my project to make cursors different with more colors and going faster. Ok. I respect your opinion lady Skyler!I have no problem to use this own set because I have no epilepsy!I rate this my own cursor set 5 stars! But you should try another set and goodbye!

Phantom (2021-11-12 16:10:36):

Great set Nexus!
I take back my old review, since I cannot delete it |-)
Thanks for fixing this!!!

GeorgiosNexus (2021-11-14 22:04:38):

Thanks for best rating review! Now is better than before! :-D

 AKGAMER (2021-11-26 04:49:50 / 5 stars):

Ayyy. mostly like the cursors are dancing.

GeorgiosNexus (2021-12-12 20:40:38):

that's great and like the cursors are dancing on color moves at Stage!! :-D

GeorgiosNexus (2022-01-23 18:19:42):

It's important to download this colorful alternate cursor set and it's unique flashing color moves ! In this century more people wants this perfect cursor set! 8-) But beware if any people have problems to see these flashing faster color moves and dont want ,don't download them ,just try another cursor sets to be using ! ;-)

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