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RIDDLER (2022-05-29 19:21:42 / 5 stars):

Wow. This is a rainbow cursor set that I really like. The name is a bit funny, but the rainbow style is great.

Unknown author (2022-05-30 06:50:11):

I can't believe I found this on the day it was installed.

I've never used an animated mouse before. It just popped into my head a few moments ago and I found this on google.

If you have trouble with install check this:

I have windows 10 so install took a few extra steps.


I set my "normal select" mouse to the uwu normal background. I will want to modify all the cursors to have animation like this.

Unknown author (2022-05-30 08:21:06):

bro how do i download- :-o

PlagueUwU (2022-05-30 16:09:18):

You can find out how to install and use cursors here :-)

Unknown author (2022-05-31 06:28:14):

goofy ahh furry cursor

Unknown author (2022-06-01 22:32:00):

hi l love this mouse l

Unknown author (2022-06-01 23:21:47):

i wuve this uwu

the wainbow makes my lgbtqia+ and awutisic bwain twingle >:3 ;-) ;-)

RIDDLER (2022-06-04 01:29:19):

The name of this cursor set is very strange. Why did you use that name? I like it, but its rather strange.

PlagueUwU (2022-06-04 03:29:10):

Idk it's just what came to mind first. No further thought about it

Kaylie (2022-06-05 04:41:47 / 4.5 stars):

These are pretty amazing!! one this is maybe this can improve a little bit more!! But anyways, very amazing!!!


Unknown author (2022-06-06 16:28:18):

I love this! Its so cool! :-D

PlagueUwU (2022-06-06 16:41:28):

Thank you guys, I'm glad you like them :-)

Unknown author (2022-06-07 16:06:09):

im on a windows 10 and I am struggling how to download it. It says I need an app. Please help.

PlagueUwU (2022-06-07 16:55:51):

you don't need an app
Look here:

Henry vntv (2022-06-12 13:06:09 / 4 stars):

good but the name is ugly icon-image/24200-16x16x32.png image icon-image/24241-16x16x32.png image

Unknown author (2022-12-02 23:23:39):

"the wainbow makes my lgbtqia+ and awutisic bwain twingle >:3 ;-) ;-)" shut up idiot

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