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Sree (2014-02-20 12:49:26):

Owner: Is it OK?

Chess (2014-02-21 08:29:04):

I think it's great! I really like the how the gradient filling of the button adds to its sense of realism.

Sree (2014-02-21 17:49:43):

Thank you for your appreciation, but I made it with the help of the tutorial. Here's the link:
http://www.rw-designer.com/metallic-ring-tutorial by Vlasta

Vlasta (2014-02-21 17:59:16):

The tutorial was actually made by JDDellGuy.

cdl (2014-02-21 22:17:06 / 5 stars):

Yes, Vlasta has an accent.. icon-image/8413-24x24x32.png image icon-image/10438-32x32x32.png image

Very nice buttons!
Great work!

icon-image/10392-64x64x32.png image

Sree (2014-02-24 14:11:38):

Thanks guys!!! I have uploaded 3 more icons of violet colour. Check it above.

JDDellGuy (2014-03-07 05:33:25 / 5 stars):

Excellent work! I am glad to see that my tutorial has inspired you. icon-image/4589-16x16x32.png image

Sree (2014-03-13 09:18:15):

Oh, I think you ""must"" be feeling happy!

Sree (2014-03-25 10:59:57):

Light blue icons added!!! :-) Please check it out above!!! :-) :-)

Nicolli (2014-03-25 22:01:35):

icon-image/5955-16x16x32.png image

Sree (2014-03-26 12:55:34):

@Nicolli Do you want pink colour? Anyway, I'll make a pink one.

Nick (2014-03-27 15:10:38 / 5 stars):

cool cursors

Sree (2014-03-28 10:46:03):

@Nick cool "cursors"??? You mean 'cool "icons"'?

Sree (2014-04-04 11:51:26):

Thanks everyone!!!

BabyBlueTarh33l (2014-05-27 05:34:37 / 5 stars):

Great job Sree on these icons, I think they are all awesome. I especially like the variety of colors and shades offered in the set. I'm definitely going to have to check out the tutorial to get some help for myself and maybe I can create some and do as great a job as you did on these icons. Thanks for a great collection! ;-)

YahyaM1000 (2014-06-06 11:38:30):

No buttons...

Unknown author (2014-06-11 02:39:28):


PogChamp69 (2014-12-13 18:59:49 / 4.5 stars):

Wow! :-)

Unknown author (2014-12-18 05:27:08):

get shrekt scrub

Sree (2016-06-16 16:03:20):

Thanks everyone for the compliment!
If any more colors come to your mind, please do tell 'em here!

dominiPOL (2017-09-16 17:37:07 / 3 stars):

not that bad

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