Creating icon of a metallic ring with a glass bubble inside

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Metallic ring with a glass bubble inside

Learn, how to use the Ellipse tool and the Linear and Radial gradient fill styles in RealWorld Icon Editor to create an icon with metallic rings and a glass bubble in it.

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user icon Anonymous on April 18th 2014

:-O epic!

user icon Anonymous on June 27th 2014


user icon Anonymous on July 13th 2014

:-( what the heck I cant do that thing

user icon Anonymous on August 6th 2014

:-D WOW! you are a nice editing engineer!

user icon J registered user on April 7th 2015

Wow cool thnx.

user icon Anonymous on August 4th 2015

:-o This was actually helpful! Thanks!

user icon Anonymous on December 18th 2015

it dosent work for me

oh I got it working

user icon TmiTIM registered user on December 18th 2016

hi guys
:-D :-)

user icon Anonymous on September 12th 2017


:-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-(

user icon DalX registered user on September 30th 2020

Anonymous, i know why u have a boy profile, cause u did not set your gender yet :-D

user icon Anonymous
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