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cdl (2016-11-20 06:01:53):

icon-image/14698-32x32x32.png image icon-image/14699-32x32x32.png image

The Male Boss (2016-11-22 14:13:38):

icon-image/12489-16x16x32.png image icon-image/12496-16x16x32.png image / icon-image/12489-16x16x32.png image icon-image/12488-16x16x32.png image

Very nice and lots of different colours
I also like the fact you did it with both left and right hands
Well done

cdl (2016-11-23 05:12:55):

icon-image/7500-48x48x32.png image

Everyone has their favorite color.
Both right and left hands look better for 2 thumb's up or 2 thumb's down.

Odd rating. Don't think I've ever had an
18/10 before.

Unknown author (2016-11-23 17:27:44):

Thumb's Up - Black.ico
Thumb's Up - Black 2.ico Preview
Thumb's Up - Black 2.ico

The Male Boss (2016-11-23 18:41:29):

you deserve 18 / 10 for the set

cdl (2016-11-23 21:29:56):

Is that like 18 of 10?

The Male Boss (2016-11-28 20:58:38):

it like like scoring from 1 to ten with one been the worst and ten the best

cdl (2016-11-30 08:20:35):

Got it, thanks.
Glad you like them so much.

icon-image/14698-48x48x32.png image icon-image/14699-48x48x32.png image

StickyChannel92 (2016-12-06 17:25:26 / 5 stars):

These are so nice! I even like how half of the icons are 3D and the other half are cartoonistic. I am definitely using these. Great job!
icon-image/14704-48x48x32.png image

cdl (2016-12-07 12:32:04):

icon-image/10305-64x64x32.png image

Thanks for the review and rating.

Both versions are 3d. You may not notice the effect as readily in the cartoon version. Look around the knuckles and thumb areas for the highlights and shading. (Most visible in the pink, orange and blue hands.)

icon-image/14700-48x48x32.png image icon-image/8398-48x48x32.png image

StickyChannel92 (2016-12-07 18:05:30):

Thanks for the tip! I now can notice the 3D in the cartoon versions. :-)

StickyChannel92 (2017-02-07 19:48:05):

Also, I want to see you make so-so icons the way you make these. :-)

cdl (2017-02-09 00:54:15):

Thanks for the suggestion.

Not sure how one would make a so-so icon.
Not sure other people would find such useful.

Underbow (2017-04-20 22:23:03 / 5 stars):

:-D /o/D.A.B.


cdl (2017-04-22 03:42:31):

icon-image/10305-48x48x32.png image
Thanks for the rating!

Unknown author (2017-05-27 18:39:40):

http://www.rw-designer.com/icon-view/14728.png Cool!

Batuzanx (2017-06-30 14:40:13 / 5 stars):

icon-image/14722-16x16x32.png image icon-image/14769-16x16x32.png image

oh and 5 star!

cdl (2017-07-02 02:00:39):

icon-image/7500-48x48x32.png image

Thanks for the rating!

Batuzanx (2017-07-14 18:23:00):

you are welcome!


Unknown author (2017-09-28 02:36:53):

Now I can emote with thumbs! [[Icon:14711]]

hello (2017-09-30 19:15:19 / 4.5 stars):

Nice job!

I love this kind of 3D depth in art.

Although, I have to say that White looks more like a Tan-ish color.

cdl (2017-09-30 23:03:00):

White is often a difficult color to work with.
Sometimes a computer screen does not display colors appropriately.

These white icons are no where near tan, they are white.
Perhaps not as white as white can be but they are 3d and require a degree of shading for shadows that create the 3d effect.

icon-image/7500-48x48x32.png image

Unknown author (2017-12-03 03:32:35):


cdl (2017-12-07 12:33:08):

icon-image/10434-64x64x32.png image

Vini e Digo CHANNEL (2017-12-19 18:09:30 / 5 stars):

I like so much those icons in my rating. good work.
icon-image/14729-64x64x32.png image

cdl (2017-12-22 05:50:54):

icon-image/10305-48x48x32.png image

Bob the builder (2018-03-17 18:20:22 / 5 stars):

wow very nice, its metallic and 3d looking

cdl (2018-03-19 23:58:38):

icon-image/10305-48x48x32.png image

Cyrater (2019-11-08 18:22:38 / 5 stars):

Nice! rsrc/Like.png image

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