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sixλxis (2009-01-03 00:00:00):

It took a while to make because i had to convert *each* picture to a jpeg.

Unknown author (2009-01-03 00:00:00):

and i cant be arsed writing all the descriptions

sixλxis (2009-01-04 00:00:00):

i come back in one day and i have 10 downloads xD. THANKS AND PLEASE WRITE COMMENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sixλxis (2009-01-04 00:00:00):

2nd day 17 downloads

sixλxis (2009-01-11 02:05:02):

5th day 55 downloads

Unknown author (2009-01-11 23:46:54):


sixλxis (2009-01-13 02:39:25):

about damn time i get a comment xD 7th day 63 Downloads!! OMFG! :P

sixλxis (2009-01-14 02:13:14):

10th day 67 Downloads!!

sixλxis (2009-01-15 01:26:05):

11th day 72 Downloads. This has to be the most popular one so far

sixλxis (2009-01-16 00:34:37):

Final Checkup: 12th day 76 downloads

sixλxis (2009-01-18 12:16:15):

Well its 91 Downloads in 15 days. Pretty popular i would say.
im only going to say this once more...

Doc (2009-01-19 16:12:16):

For some reason the download count spiked to double and triple over the weekend. I have no idea why.

sixλxis (2009-01-20 03:09:26):

whaddya mean? and w00t 103!

Doc (2009-01-20 16:32:56):

I mean that for some unknown reason a lot of the icon set dl counts jumped high over the weekend and I don't know why.

Unknown author (2009-01-26 16:09:38):

Very nice. looks like it took some time to get together :-)

Unknown author (2009-02-18 23:18:42):

i noticed i was missing a few. If someone could make the PLASMA COMBO and the NEEDLER EXPLOSION COMBO medals since my trial ran out, that would be sweet.

Doc (2009-03-06 03:05:04):

I made a Plasma Combo medal for you, but it has to be a standalone icon, since I wasn't the author of this set. I can't find a "Needler Explosion Combo."

sixλxis (2009-03-08 23:43:46):


sixλxis (2009-03-16 21:12:07):

can you make the plasma combo medal without a shadow please? kthnxbai

Doc (2009-03-26 22:37:04):

I made a Plasma Combo medal without a shadow. Hope you like it.

Unknown author (2009-03-27 10:46:33):

dis is coolyo

sixλxis (2009-03-31 01:02:33):

The Plasma Combo Icon is in Individual Icons. It was made by Doc. Please thank Doc.

BTW, that needler explosion combo medal was called Super Detonation. The Image is here >>>>>>>>>>>> http://halo3medals.com/images/super_detonation.gif <<<<<<<<<<<<

sixλxis (2009-03-31 01:09:31):

http://halo3medals.com/images/super_detonation.gif cud you make dis medal without a shadow too? this was that needler explosion combo medal. its called Super Detonation

Doc (2009-04-03 05:45:46):

I did that Super detonation medal u requested, plus a couple other images, so I put them in their own set, Set #94. Hope u like them. If u want any others, I can now add them to #94.

Unknown author (2009-04-21 00:02:12):

All I got to say is that I had just been jumping around from one free icon site to the other, downloading what ever I wanted, then
I hit this spot downloaded some pretty cool icons, and then I saw these "Halo 3 Medal" icons. Then on the next page I saw a download for Halo download supplement: "for people who just can't wait that long or just can't get enuf of Halo icons". It made it sound ike there were a bunch of Halo supplement junkies standing around, scratching and itching, and waiting waiting waiting for when they finally get their icons! I feel their pain because I too am
an icon junkie and am always on the prowl for fun and free icons
and now I'm strangely, but curiously excited about the "cheneymania
icon". I'd definitely be up for a custom icon combo that had 'CheneyMania' icons, 'SniperSpree', 'SplatterKill',and a
shot of good old 'Vehicular Manslaughter' - just for good measure, but before I trust myself with any of your icons, I need to know just exactly which side of the "Cheney-Link" (get it-haha?!)Fence you're on. Either yo wid 'im oh yo agin' him 'cause thar ain't no middle ground here, son.Oh an bye the bye, I think I'm aleady jonesin' for a Halo Supplement Download.
*sheee-yoott, I just now looked back at your profile page and a guy (I think) said he already got hooked just last week - so hurry!!
**Okay, I could only wait 5 minutes till my curiousity got the better of me after I saw everyone going goofy over the Halo 3 Super Detonation.ico/Needler Explosion Combo, so I downloaded installed them in about a half a second and what I ended up with were some really pretty icons that happen to be my fave colors and that's
cool,but aren't there supposed to be a bunch of detonating head explosions and mass amounts of Murder-Death-Kill? I mean, you didn't come up with all those gnarly icon names just to scare me, did you??

sixλxis (2009-04-26 10:51:07):

O.O im honoured for such a long comment. lol

sixλxis (2009-05-31 01:43:01):

Those are the actual names for the medals you recieve in halo 3

sixλxis (2009-07-04 22:01:41):

Cheneymania is the fifth icon in the list. Its for 10 or 15 shotgun kills without dying

sixλxis (2009-08-01 22:02:21):

cheneymania is actually called Open Season

sixλxis (2009-09-30 02:52:52):

Halo 3: ODST Assist medal from Firefight mode.
The UNSC Marathon General Logo.

Medals copyright of Bungie studios.

Unknown author (2009-11-01 20:43:26):

very very very very very goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood

sixλxis (2009-11-02 18:43:21):

If you like it please rate 10/10

I also noticed after adding the comments on each individual icon that im missing a couple more:

Kill 3 enemies in 1.5sec to earn a multiplier for all of them.

Kill an enemy with a Headshot.

Death from the Grave!
Kill an opponent after you have died.


Is Quisnam Protero Damno!
Kill 15 zombies in a row as the human without dying.

sixλxis (2009-11-02 19:13:10):

It would be awesome if someone PM'd me them without shadows in 128x128 format and i will add them with a thank you note.

The ones with no comment are achievements.

sixλxis (2009-11-02 19:21:52):

When you play online matchmaking, if you want to get Linktacular, you must get matched up with everyone who has linked their XBOX Live profile with their Bungie.net profile. You will know because a seventh column will appear in the matchmaking lobby beside their rank.

You'll notice that lengaport has a seventh column to the right of his name in this picture. http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2038/1491367309_988ea59510.jpg?v=0

sixλxis (2010-01-14 17:33:30):

Thanks Everyone for your support on the website!

Thanks for 1000 Downloads!

Please continue to enjoy my submissions!


sixλxis (2010-04-20 19:45:22):

holy sh*t 1111 downloads lmao!

sixλxis (2010-05-05 20:12:48):

I'm going to update this when Halo:Reach is released.

sixλxis (2010-09-20 17:16:41):

Actually i'll just make a new set for Halo Reach.

Erik (2010-10-11 07:56:35):

Good work!


Shadow0fIntent (2010-11-03 02:23:21 / 5 stars):

OMG SixAxis!!! i just spent a cuple of hours working on these, AND U ALREADY HAD MADE THEM!!!
on the bright side, now i dont have to make them.

sixλxis (2010-11-24 17:17:39):


Teddy (2011-04-13 10:59:13 / 5 stars):

these are totally awesome
but PLEASE add a oink! medal (reach for killing someone who just gets assasinated by a teammate)

I made a full set of halo energy swords, they are animated (the energy lightning between the two sabres is moving) and many friends of mine rated them as epic.
So if You are interested in them post it at my profile because I am thinking about releasing them on the bungie site for free, but if I do so I won't release them here.
So tell me what you want

Unknown author (2012-02-10 01:09:43):

YAY, Thanks 4 d HALO Medals... gonna use them with my background

SYNTHCRѺ (2012-07-23 03:30:52 / 5 stars):

Wow that would have taken a long time to make. Good job!


Unknown author (2015-01-05 04:37:47):


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