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Bobcat (2020-12-10 11:57:27 / 5 stars):

THAT is indigo? I thought it was a kind of purple! :-o Another color lesson lol. It looks like a darker version of the azure Celtic ones.

RIDDLER (2020-12-10 11:58:29):

This is my last of the blues. This is my indigo set of scrabble tiles.

Bobcat (2020-12-10 12:01:42):

You should try this website
You name colors that have no name
I always select random

RIDDLER (2020-12-10 12:11:57):

Yes, this color is indigo. This is not purple, nor azure. I did try the colornames.org site.

Bobcat (2020-12-10 19:11:38):

I meant that I thought that indigo is a kind of purple, but it actually is a kind of blue, as I can see.

Insane Games (2020-12-10 23:42:56 / 4.5 stars):

Can i get some buttons from this review? i wonder...

OHHH I DIDN'T GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT SAID "After the grueling task of reviewing is finished, you take a deep breath. Maybe too deep? No, everything is fine, don't worry."!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RIDDLER (2020-12-11 02:57:23):

Indigo is a type of blue, not purple.

You are a new user "CottonCandy" so I am not sure whether or not you are eligible to earn buttons yet. Thanks for asking anyway.

Bobcat (2020-12-11 10:27:01):

That doesnt matter. When I was new, I got a button from my first review. But sometimes you get that message. I got the buttonless shirt trophy because I wrote many reviews at RIDDLER's Scrabble tiles.

RIDDLER (2020-12-11 12:15:39):


Unknown author (2020-12-11 18:24:15):

Yes indigo is a type of blue not purple

oops im anonymous

Insane Games (2020-12-11 18:25:15):

Ok now im here and logged in. Yes indigo is a type of blue not purple.

RIDDLER (2020-12-12 05:07:30):

Indigo is a blue.

I will make more scrabble tiles later today or tomorrow. The remaining colors I need to make are grey, green and black.

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