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Unknown author (2008-08-11 00:00:00):

is it free

Unknown author (2009-05-05 14:37:29):

i think so

Unknown author (2009-07-20 14:53:54):

You have move fun by using your own plug-ins! :-D

Unknown author (2009-07-27 18:43:16):

you idiot idiot

Happy0012 (2009-09-07 17:50:48):


Happy0012 (2009-09-07 17:51:40):

Shoot! im horrible at C and LUA

Unknown author (2009-09-12 19:38:48):

on July 27th 2009
"you idiot idiot"

Unknown author (2009-09-24 11:27:31):


Unknown author (2009-09-26 11:11:23):

i dont want it free....i need less money ....

Unknown author (2009-10-28 08:15:25):

It's free.

Monty166 (2009-11-11 22:41:42):

Now I have RealWorld Paint.COM and RealWorld Photos.

Monty166 (2010-01-10 20:17:05):


sixλxis (2010-02-02 20:45:01):

I'm learning C at school so i just might be able to use this...

sixλxis (2010-02-02 20:45:53):

im learning Cpp at school so i might just use this...

sixλxis (2010-02-04 23:38:14):

apparently " "(plus) doesn't show up

sixλxis (2010-02-10 21:01:45):

I sort of understand some of the code but not a whole lot of it.

Unknown author (2010-04-28 04:55:36):

idk how to downlode lol if somone could post a comment on how to do that for me plz

will (2010-05-01 04:21:54):

click on the link click run and press yes or accept or whatever it says to press

sixλxis (2010-08-10 00:08:06):

You must type a space before a plus to get it to show

Anonymous (2010-12-20 21:22:32):

..? :-o can you can make your very OWN plug-ins?...

Unknown author (2011-01-11 14:11:33):


genio (2011-01-27 09:02:09):

:-D ciaoa tutti

Mark (2011-04-05 01:21:35):

How do you use the dlls in rwpaint?

Mark (2011-04-05 01:23:56):

Oh, anyone with the same question-copy the dll into the directory of the install

Mark (2011-04-05 01:30:30):

Oh but i dont have


Vlasta (2011-04-05 09:38:34):

I presume you have the Express edition of VS - Microsoft does not ship ATL with that.

BTW I am planning to change the SDK to not require ATL. If you are seriously considering making a plug-in, please let me know and I try to give you as much support as needed.

Panovola (2011-04-22 11:26:02):

So will we be able to create are very own?

jojois74 (2011-10-28 22:44:07):

How does this work? I downloaded it and now I am confused.

WickerSun (2012-06-17 12:06:00):

Hey, where's the C# plug-in sources?! There's C++ only!
I'm just like jojois74.
Moreover, in the page http://www.rw-designer.com/SDK-blur-filters are strokes
"Full source code of these filters is available in the RealWorld Software Development Kit." And actually in the zip file it's absent?! :-(
How should I write my own plugins, I wonder? With my thoughts?

Vlasta (2012-06-17 21:03:30):

The C# support was discontinued in the latest SDK. I hope to update this page soon.

Unknown author (2012-08-19 02:57:27):

How Do I Get The Plugin Into Real World? ;-) ;-)

Say on (2012-08-28 20:14:05):

What would i do after downloading???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? :-o :-o :-o :-o :-o

I am confused like jojois 74 :-( :-( :-( :-( :-(

Hey pleae tell what to do after downloading ????????????????

I am sorry


ابوبلال22 (2013-04-20 10:54:07):

i want font arabic

flynnieboy (2013-11-16 16:12:48):

um, what? :-o

Unknown author (2014-01-18 09:48:58):

where is there ;-)

Noah Bear (2014-06-24 00:34:02):

real world sdk oh yeah :-)

milesrobins5 (2015-01-16 07:51:46):

How do I install SDK :-( I've downloaded the files and now I am confused. :-( :-( :-( :-( :-(

Fad1h7 (2015-02-15 02:03:20):

Im stuck after unzipping! Help

Vlasta (2015-02-15 10:24:34):

You'll need Microsoft Visual Studio to open one of the projects. What specific problems do you encounter?

Yakov .P (2016-07-29 22:00:20):

Thanks Vlasta

ParismaX (2017-01-14 07:33:01):

Thanks, now I should be able to create my own plug-in!
But I use visual studio 2015, and it says there are 2 things I can't open... any help?

Vlasta (2017-01-14 09:32:14):

What exactly is missing?

CobraVids (2017-01-18 20:14:30):

I want more animation tools, that's what i use it for

Mister-Mc (2019-12-08 19:25:01):

8-) i love it

ex9 xxx (2021-01-18 09:17:52):


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