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Unknown author (2014-01-31 23:46:13):

how do you push enter??? :-(

Vlasta (2014-02-01 09:58:45):

on your keyboard

Unknown author (2014-06-25 04:14:13):

How do you mov th painting? :-o

Unknown author (2014-08-16 09:14:04):

How do you make sharp pixelated lines? like old MS Paint lines.
Should I use Photoshop for that?

Vlasta (2014-08-16 09:52:13):

If you really want to make a pixelated line, turn off smoothing. The second icon on this page is what you are looking for. Or try the Pencil tool.

Unknown author (2015-05-29 02:11:46):

Is it possible to edit a line after it's been drawn?? :-(

Vlasta (2015-05-29 09:36:19):

Only if it is in a vector layer (in RealWorld Paint).

Unknown author (2018-09-09 21:01:33):

How to create a line headed with arrow?
Thanks, you have a great work :-)

Vlasta (2018-09-10 09:29:27):

That type of line capping is currently not available. You'll have to draw it manually or you can try the Polygon tool - it has a simple arrow as one of the presets.

Unknown author (2018-11-13 09:57:31):

How do I edit a line.

yourcomputerhasdied (2021-02-10 23:06:04):

when you create the line there will be handles on it. Move the handles at the ends to move the ends of the line. Move the green handle to bend the line and create another vertex.

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